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Peru and Galapagos Camping Adventures and Camping in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Tours

On these Peru, Galapagos and Patagonia adventure trips, we pamper our campers to make the evenings as comfortable as the days are rigorous. We offer food and wine of the highest quality and all the comforts of home, except the bed. And most of the time, you won't be lugging all your belongings either. You carry a day pack. We take care of the rest.

Galapagos Camping Adventures

Galapagos Safari Camp - 7 Days Galapagos Safari Camp Prices Starting at $3,440
. . . offers a unique way to see the Galapagos, either in addition to a cruise or as a stand-alone trip. This eco-luxury tented camp is a pioneer in Latin America. . .
Click for details on Galapagos Safari Camp

Peru Camping Adventures

Peru's most astonishing sights are best reached by trail. And we offer nine Peru camping tours that do just that, taking you to the country's most popular attraction, Machu Picchu, with or without the Inca Trail, to the Andes, to Lake Titicaca and to the Amazon in all of their scenic splendor.

Inca Trail Express - 8 days - From $2,860/Person Inca Trail Express Travel Highlights: Add a fully serviced Southern Explorations Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu to your independent Peru vacation.
Click Here for Details on the Inca Trail Express

Classic Inca Trail - 10 days - From $2,995/Person Classic Inca Trail Travel Highlights: Cusco
Inca Trail Trek
Machu Picchu
Urubamba Valley
Click Here for More Details on the Classic Inca Trail

Inca Trail & Lake Titicaca - 12 days - From $3,565/Person Inca Trail & Lake Titicaca Travel Highlights: Lima, Cusco
Inca Trail Trek
Machu Picchu
Lake Titicaca
Details on our Inca Trail & Lake Titicaca Tour

Cordillera Blanca Hike - 10 days - From $2,655/Person Cordillera Blanca Travel Highlights: Lima
Huascar'an National Park
Click to View Details on our Cordillera Blanca Hike

Alternative Inca Trail - 11 days - From $3,125/Person Alternative Inca Trail Travel Highlights: Lima, Cusco
Inca Trail (4D)
Machu Picchu
Local Perspective
Off the beaten Trek
Click to View Details on our Alternative Inca Trail

Amazon & Inca Trail - 12 days - From $3,470/Person Amazon & Inca Trail Travel Highlights: Inca Trail Trek
Machu Picchu
Sacred Valley
Amazon Jungle Lodge
Click Here for Details about Amazon & Inca Trail

Salcantay & Inca Trail Hike - 12 days - From $3,495/Person Salcantay & Inca Trail Hike Travel Highlights: Lima, Cusco
Inca Trail
Machu Picchu
Click for more on our Salcantay & Inca Trail Hike

Raft, Bicycle & Hike Tour - 12 days - From $3,250/Person Peru Raft, Bicycle & Hike Tour Travel Highlights: Apurimac River
Sacred Valley
Mountain bicycling
Inca Trail
Machu Picchu
Click for more on the Raft, Bicycle & Hike Tour!

Inca Trail & Colca Canyon - 13 days - From $3,835/Person Inca Trail & Colca Canyon Travel Highlights: Lima, Cusco
Arequipa, Colca Canyon
Sacred Valley
Inca Trail Trek (4D)
Machu Picchu
Click for more on our Inca Trail & Colca Canyon

Discover Peru - 14 days - From $3,720/Person Discover Peru Travel Highlights: Lima, Cusco
Amazon Lodge (3D)
Sacred Valley
Lake Titicaca
Machu Picchu
Click for more on the Discover Peru Tour

Adventure Peru - 17 days - From $4,700/Person Adventure Peru Travel Highlights: Lima, Amazon Lodge (3D)
Arequipa, Colca Canyon
Lake Titicaca
Cusco, Sacred Valley
Inca Trail Trek (4D), Machu Picchu
Click for more on our Adventure Peru Tour

Chile, Argentina / Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego Camping Adventures

The wide open spaces of Patagonia beckon adventure travelers from the world over to experience the region's remote splendor. Our seven Patagonia camping tours spend invigorating days visiting such famous Patagonia sights as Mt. Fitz Roy, the Towers of Paine and the ever scenic, ever exciting Futaleufu. With fabulous meals and scenic camp sites, a Patagonia hiking vacation more pleasing to the senses doesn't exist.

Torres Del Paine 'W' Hike - 7 days - From $3,095/Person Torres Del Paine 'W' Hike Travel Highlights: Last Hope Sound
Towers of Paine
Grey Glacier
French Valley
Serrano River
Click here for details on the Torres del Paine 'W' Hike

'W' MultiSport - 10 days - From $4,195/Person 'W' MultiSport Travel Highlights: Towers of Paine, Highlight Hikes
Ice Hiking & Intro Ice Climb
Sea Kayaking, Grey Glacier
French Valley, Serrano River
Last Hope Sound
More on the 'W' MultiSport, click here

Futaleufu MultiSport - 10 days - $3,695/Person Futaleufu MultiSport Travel Highlights: Buenos Aires
Futaleufu River
Rio Azul
Luxury base camping
For details about Rafting the Futaleufu click here!

The Circuit - 10 days - From $3,890/Person The Circuit Travel Highlights: Towers of Paine
Glacier Grey
French & Dickson Val.
Los Perros Glacier
John Gadner Pass
Want more details about The Circuit? Click here!

Adventure Patagonia - 16 days - From $5,695/Person Adventure Patagonia Travel Highlights: Raft & Luxury Camp Futaleufu River
Inflatable Kayaking River Anzu
Bicycling and/or Horseback riding
Perito Moreno Glacier
Highlights Hikes of Fitz Roy
For details about Rafting the Futaleufu click here!

Patagonia Hiking Panorama - 13 days - From $4,995 Patagonia Hiking Panorama Travel Highlights: Puerto Natales,Buenos Aires
Magellanic Penguin Colony
Torres Del Paine National Park
Perito Moreno Glacier
Mt. Fitz Roy
Click for more info on Patagonia Hiking Panorama

Patagonia MultiSport - 10 days - From $4,465/Person Patagonia MultiSport Travel Highlights: Horses, Trek, Kayak
Towers of Paine
Dickson Valley, Serrano River
Los Perros, Tyndall & Geike Glaciers
Need more on Patagonia MultiSport? Click here!


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