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The 2,700-mile narrow sliver of a country that is Chile contains an eclectic array of landscapes with the Andes running its whole length. Visitors know Chile mostly by its deep south, and while hiking in Patagonia may be the ultimate, we urge travelers to linger longer in Chile to experience the country’s lesser-known but nonetheless pleasurable pursuits.


Everyone knows about Buenos Aires, but not about stunning Santiago. For the art, the cuisine, the wine and the architecture, Chile’s capital is a city worth exploring too. Santiago is picturesque with plenty of parks, museums, a famous sculpture park, interesting neighborhoods to explore and a vibrant performing art scene. In downtown, many of the buildings date back to the 19th century European neo-classical period. The Centro’s architecture along with some pedestrian streets makes this a pleasant place to stroll and people-watch. In the arty Bellavista neighborhood, there are numerous galleries to visit as well as La Chascona, one of Chile’s three wildly popular museums honoring Pablo Neruda, each homes where he once lived and wrote his accessible and much loved poetry. Named for his lover’s messy red hair, La Chascona will give you Neruda fever. Various Santiago monuments and a new cultural center pay homage to Chile’s other Nobel Prize-winning poet, Gabriela Mistral.


Travel to Santiago and you will be within a stone’s throw of so many of Chile’s fine wine regions, you’ll be amazed. The country’s famed wine regions stretch from the coast to the Andes.


Chile is known for its idyllic central coastal resorts, attracting Santiago citizens for quick get-aways and international visitors to enjoy the weather, the seafood and the views. From Santiago, the port city of Valparaiso is just a 75-mile drive and a jumping-off place for nearby resort towns such as Vina del Mar. A city built on hills, Valparaiso adapted to its geography by building numerous ascensores to connect its port below to the city itself with breathtaking views from its Pacific edge. The neighborhood you wish to reach determines which ascensor to take. Take the Espiritu Santo ascensor so see twenty of the city’s famous street art murals as well as the Pablo Neruda museum of La Sebastiana.


Chile is best known to tourists for its Patagonia hiking destinations, including Torres del Paine National Park, attracting adventure travelers from throughout the world to trek its renowned trails framed by spectacular peaks and massive glaciers. They come too for the whitewater rafting, mountain biking, kayaking and horseback riding. Some camp; others enjoy the scenic lodgings offered by historic estancias that today tend tourists instead of sheep.


Chile’s north contains the silent landscape of Chile’s Atacama Desert, beloved by astronomers for its inky skies. Photographers come here for the blinding-white salt flats, the steaming Tatio geyser field, flocks of flamingos taking flight and to capture what the changing light does to the region’s many unique geologic formations. Stargazing is both a pastime and industry along Chile’s coast north of the capital where observatories overseen by many nations dot the landscape from La Serena north to the Atacama.


Last but not least, Chile has jurisdiction over some islands off its coast, including legendary Easter Island, containing the stoic, mysterious 600+ moai, a destination which some visitors choose to include in their Chile travel. It’s a long ways off – 2,300 miles -- but how likely are you to be in the neighborhood again?
10 Days $4,195
Towers of Paine , Ice Hiking & Intro Ice Climbing, Sea Kayaking, Grey Glacier , French Valley, Serrano River, Last Hope Sound
16 Days $5,895
5 Star Camping, Perito Moreno Glacier, Hiking Mt. Fitz Roy , Whitewater Rafting and More.....
Mt. Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre, Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Los Glaciares National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier
Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Cape Horn, Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre, Perito Moreno Glacier
Mendoza, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon & Carménère
21 Days $7,440
Tierra del Fuego, Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park, Bariloche, Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre, Osorno Volcano
10 Days $3,695
Buenos Aires , Bariloche, Futaleufu River, Rio Azul, Luxury camping
Mendoza Wine , Explora Lodge, Bariloche , Los Glaciares National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine
11 Days $5,995
Torres Del Paine, Buenos Aires, Perito Moreno Glacier, Mt. Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre, Luxury Accommodations
Torres Del Paine National Park, Classic 'W' Hike, Puerto Natales , Buenos Aires, Perito Moreno Glacier, Mt. Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre
Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Patagonia Lakes District, Osorno Volcano , Puerto Varas
Iguazu Falls , Bariloche, Patagonia Lakes District, Osorno Volcano, Buenos Aires, Santiago
Horses, Trek, Kayak , Towers of Paine, Serrano River, Tyndall & Geike Glaciers
Tres Valles Resorts , Farellones, El Colorado, La Parva, Valle Nevado, Los Andes, El Portillo
10 Days $3,890
Towers of Paine , Grey Glacier, French & Dickson Valleys, Los Perros Glacier, John Gardner Pass
Torres del Paine National Park, Last Hope Sound , Towers of Paine, Grey Glacier, French Valley, Serrano River
Lodge & Hotel based trip , Towers of Paine, Grey Glacier, French Valley, Serrano River
Torres del Paine National Park, Highlight hikes, Lodge based, Variety of lodging to choose from
Atacama Desert, Awasi Atacama Lodge , San Pedro de Atacama, Cavas Wine Lodge, Mendoza Wine Country

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