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Ecuador Travel specializing in Ecuador Tours, Cloud Forest, Amazon Rain Forests and Galapagos

There are countless natural wonders and cultural environments in Ecuador. Nowhere else in South America will find you such a diversity of landscapes, climates, and cultures in such a compact nation, which is small enough that it is possible to view much of the country in one trip. Choose to travel to the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rainforest, the coastal beaches or the mangrove forests.

Amazon Kayak Adventure - 8 days - From $2,685/Person Amazon Kayak Adventure Travel Highlights: 5D Sea Kayaking
Click here for Amazon Kayak Adventure Details

Ecuador Highlights - 9 days - From $2,595/Person Ecuador Highlights Travel Highlights: Quito, Otavalo Market
Cotopaxi National Park
Baños, Riobamba
Cuenca / Ingapirca
Cajas National Park
Click here for Details on our Ecuador Highlights Tour

Ecuador MultiSport - 9 days - From $2,795/Person Ecuador MultiSport Travel Highlights: Quito, Otavalo Market
Cotopaxi National Park
Baños, Riobamba
Papallacta Hot Springs
Click here for Details on our Ecuador MultiSport Tour

Haciendas, Hot Springs & Volcanoes - 4 days - From $1,095
Haciendas, Hot Springs & Volcanoes Traveling north and south of Quito, this four-day tour features the attractions that Ecuador is best known for: its breathtaking Andean scenery and its 4,000-year-old folk art traditions.
Haciendas, Hot Springs & Volcanoes Itinerary

Luxury Ecuador - 11 days - From $3,750/Person
Luxury Ecuador The highlights of this itinerary comprise much of what makes Ecuador famous.
Click here for Details on our Luxury Ecuador Tour

Cloud Forest & Amazon Rain Forest Ecolodges

Our five Ecuador Amazon trips feature exquisite ecolodges, each with unique amenities in an unforgettable setting-remote, picturesque, brimming with wildlife-everything you could ever want in an Amazon rainforest tour. Three of our Amazon tours acquaint you with the indigenous peoples living in the jungle, making the trip not only a splendid rainforest adventure but a cultural exploration as well.

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve - 2 days - $205/Person
Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve Located deep within the heart of an enchanting Ecuadorian cloud forest, Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve protects 1,800 acres of endangered cloud forest habitat.
Click here for Details on Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve

Amazon River Rafting - 3 days - $925/Person
Amazon River Rafting Jatunyacu is considered one of Ecuador’s best one-day river runs with big waves, fun play holes and flanked by spectacular jungle scenery, birdlife and Kichwa Indian families. . .
Amazon River Rafting Itinerary

Sacha Lodge - 4/5 days - From $1,195/Person Sacha Lodge
A typical day at Sacha begins at sunrise or earlier, in order to take advantage of the cool morning hours when the rainforest's animals are most active. Each group may decide on its own wake-up . . .
Click here for Details on Sacha Lodge

Kapawi Lodge - 4/5 days - From $1,335/Person Kapawi Lodge
Located in the S.Ecuadorian Amazon Basin on the Pastaza River, a major tributary of the Amazon, Kapawi is one of the most pristine and isolated points in the Amazon Basin accessed only by air
Click here for Details on Kapawi Lodge

Napo Wildlife Center - 4/5 days - From $1,195/Person Napo Wildlife Center
The Napo Wildlife Center is located in northeast Ecuador's Yasuni National Park, the country's largest tract of protected tropical rainforest and a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve.
Click here for Details on Napo Wildlife Center

La Selva Jungle Lodge - 4/5 days - From $1,325/Person La Selva Jungle Lodge
Amazon tours don’t get more sublime than this. Since 1986, before the dawn of ecotourism, this boutique lodge has been offering authentic Amazon rainforest adventures. . .
Click here for Details on La Selva Jungle Lodge

Manatee Amazon River Cruise 4-8 days - From $1,125 Manatee - Ecuadorian Amazon River & Rainforest Cruise Travel Highlights: Parrot Clay Lick
Observation Tower
Jungle Hikes
Canoe & Kayak Excursions
Visit Indigenous Communities
Manatee Amazon River Cruise Details

Anakonda Amazon Cruise - 4-8 Days- From $1,855/Person Anakonda Amazon Cruise
The luxury M/V Anakonda offers a perfect combination of nature and nurture in one of the world's most remote, bio-diverse regions, the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest.
Click here for Details on the Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Galapagos Island Tours

Galapagos Safari Camp - 9 Days Galapagos Safari Camp Prices Starting at $3,440
. . . offers a unique way to see the Galapagos, either in addition to a cruise or as a stand-alone trip. This eco-luxury tented camp is a pioneer in Latin America. . .
Click for details on Galapagos Safari Camp

Encounter incredible wildlife, including the three hundred pound tortoises that lend their name to the Enchanted Isles. Nothing beats getting up close and personal with sea lions, blue footed boobies, curios seals, flamingos, albatrosses, penguins, sea urchins, manta rays, and over 2,228 varieties of tropical fish. Snorkeling, swimming, diving, hiking, bicycling, climbing into a volcano, or paddling through a blue lagoon, our Galapagos Island vacations take you straight to nature.

Amazon & Galapagos - 11+ Days Amazon & Galapagos Prices Starting at $3,329
Travel Highlights:
Amazon Rainforest
Sacha Lodge
Galapagos Island Cruise
Click for more on our Amazon & Galapagos Tour

Galapagos Hiking Adventure - 9 Days - $3,375/Person Galapagos Hiking Adventure Travel Highlights: San Cristobel Island
Floreana Island
Santa Cruz Island
Click for more on our Galapagos Hiking Adventure

Galapagos Multisport Adventure - 9 Days - $3,450/Person Multisport Adventure Travel Highlights: Darwin research center
Hiking, Sea kayaking
Mountain bicycling
Click for details on the Multisport Adventure Tour

Galapagos Kayaking Adventure - 9 Days Galapagos Kayaking Adventure Travel Highlights: 6 Day Sea Kayaking
Santa Cruz Island
San Cristóbal Island
Floreana Island
Isabella Island
More on Galapagos Kayaking Adventure, click here

Galapagos & Haciendas - 11 Days Galapagos & Haciendas Prices Starting at $3,230
Travel Highlights:
Galapagos Islands Cruise
Click for more on our Galapagos & Haciendas Tour

Andes, Amazon & Galapagos Multi-sport - 12 Days Andes, Amazon & Galapagos Multi-sport Prices from $3,595 per person
Travel Highlights:
Galapagos Islands
Andes, Amazon & Galapagos Multi-sport Tour Details

Galapagos by Land & Sea - 12 Days
Galapagos by Land & Sea Prices from $4,675 per person
Travel Highlights:
4 Day Land Tour / 5 Day Cruise
Wildlife, Hiking
Galapagos by Land & Sea Cruise / Tour Details

Machu Picchu & Galapagos Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands 13+ Days - Prices from $4,625
Travel Highlights:
Lima, Cusco
Sacred Valley
Machu Picchu
Quito, Galapagos
Machu Picchu & Galapagos, click for details

Galapagos Cruises
Galapagos Cruises Travel by boat to one of the most ecologically diverse destinations on the planet. Have up close and personal experiences with unique, exotic, and endangered wildlife. To explore these rare ecosystems, cruises and yachts navigate during the night and spend the days anchored near the islands. Visit two islands a day and spend two to three hours exploring each. The warm waters provide some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world; part of each day is dedicated to snorkeling, swimming, kayaking or simply enjoying this pristine environment.
Choose from. . . Tourist Superior Cruises | First Class Cruises | Luxury Class Cruises | Cruise Ships



Crafts & Weaving
Colonial History of Weaving in Ecuador
Otavalo Crafts Market
Craft Villages near Otavalo
Souvenir Shopping in Cuenca
Craft Markets near Cuenca
Craft Markets of Tungurahua and Chimborazo
The Craft Villages of Cotopaxi
Andean Shigras
Shigras on Ecuador Tours of the Andes
Chambira Crafts
Chambira Crafts on Amazon Tours
Keeping Chambira Crafts Sustainable
The Equator
The Equator Question
Looking for the Equator
The Equator on Ecuador Tours
Ecuadorian Chocolate
The Ecuador Chocolate Experience
The History of Chocolate in Ecuador
Ecuador's Contribution to Chocolate
The Business of Chocolate in Ecuador
Keeping Chocolate Sustainable in Ecuador
Theobroma Cacao of Ecuador
How Chocolate became a Bar
The Chocolate of Western Ecuador
Cacao Farming in Western Ecuador
The Chocolate of the Ecuador Amazon
Cacao Farming in the Ecuador Amazon
Ecuador's Panama Hats
Panama Hats, the Prelude
The History of Ecuador’s Panama Hat
Turning Straw into Gold
The Panama, a Hat of Many Styles
The World’s Most Fashionable Hat
Panama Hats on Ecuador Tours
Panama Hats, the Finale
Returning the Vicunas to Ecuador
The Camelids of South America
The Alpaca
The Llama
The Vicuna
The Guanaco
South America’s Camelids of Yore
Camelid Ceremonies
Fleece Crafts in Andean Cultures


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