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Attention all hikers! Take advantage of a $300 discount when you book our Inca Trail Lodge to Lodge Hiking Tour or Lares Adventure Hike to Machu Picchu. Please note that this special applies to select departures, new bookings and is subject to availability. 

Lares Adventure to Machu Picchu
This 11-day (seven days trekking) lodge-to-lodge Machu Picchu journey offers the perfect combination of adventure travel and cultural immersion. It alternates between exploring the natural beauty of the Incas’ Sacred Valley and getting an intimate look at traditional Andean culture in busy towns as well as the most remote of mountain hamlets. At sunset each evening, you settle into deluxe mountain lodges operated in partnership with the local communities. Daily expeditions trek seldom-traveled highland trails surrounded by exquisite snowcapped peaks, past roving herds of llamas and alpacas, around waterfalls and brilliant turquoise lakes. Destinations include fascinating archaeological sites, indigenous agricultural and commercial cooperatives, and bustling markets that showcase the handicrafts of its skilled artisans and the flavors of Andean cuisine. These Peru tours take you to hidden communities, unchanged for centuries, providing unique encounters with the local people. Accompanied by expert guides who customize the itinerary with à la carte activities and daily cultural encounters, you will design your own adventures, showing you a Peru few have experienced in the same way.

Inca Trail Lodge to Lodge
If you've longed to hike the Inca Trail and experience Machu Picchu history firsthand but roughing it isn't your idea of a vacation, you'll appreciate our Inca Trail Mountain Lodges trip. This twelve-day Machu Picchu Peru excursion combines hiking the world's most famous path with relaxing interludes at small mountain lodges set in picturesque surroundings with panoramic views. In this journey you will trek from 12,800ft to 6,900ft, traversing across magnificent mountain passes (15,213ft), enjoying enormous and mystical snow-capped peaks, seeing nature in its purest form and exploring more than 5 different ecosystems from the beginning to end. The itinerary includes time to explore Inca sights in Cusco Peru and the Sacred Valley, many opportunities to acclimatize to the high elevation and four days of Inca Trail hiking plus a day and a half of touring the secret city itself. Of all the Machu Picchu tours to choose from, this one can't be beat, on or off the trail.