Plan the trip of a lifetime to the Amazon Rainforest with our well-traveled team of experts. Work closely with your Southern Explorations' travel specialist to build a first class tailor-made tour over the dates of your choice. The Amazon Rainforest has the power to capture the imagination like no other place on earth. Spanning nine countries, including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, the longest tract of tropical rainforest in the Americas is home to one in 10 known species in the world.

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The lure of the Amazon begins in childhood and never leaves the imaginations of most armchair travelers. Anyone who has waited to turn Amazon dreams into Amazon travel may be glad they did. Today the region offers sustainability-promoting Amazon eco-lodges in remote settings and riverboats with gourmet meals and passenger-pampering amenities.  An Amazon tour may mean travel to one of several countries, given the scale of this 4,000-mile network that eventually conjoins into a river so wide it has no bridges.

It is along the Amazon tributaries including those in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil where close-up views of tropical wildlife are most abundant. Some species you can’t miss. You’ll see tailed monkeys swinging through the trees, colorful macaws overhead and cuddly looking capybaras on shore by day and dwarf caiman crocodiles by night. Observing rarer species such as the tapir, sloth, pink dolphin, giant Amazon river turtle and the elusive jaguar, takes being at the right place at the right time. Our Amazon itineraries are designed to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities. Excursions happen day and night, from rainforest hikes and treetop canopy lookouts to canoe trips through secluded oxbow lakes and flooded forests.

For daydreamers of all ages, the primordial Amazon never disappoints. We look forward to booking your trip of a lifetime to the Amazon Rainforest.

View our Amazon trip and tour options below:
17 Days $4,795
Cities of Peru , Amazon Lodge - 3 Day, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley - Inca Trail Trek, Colca Canyon & Lake Titicaca
12 Days $3,550
Inca Trail Trek , Machu Picchu , Sacred Valley, Amazon Jungle Lodge
Amazon Rainforest & Jungle, Amazon Wildlife, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu
Kayaking the Amazon Rainforest, Indigenous Community , Parrot Clay Lick, Jungle Hiking & More......
Stand-Up Paddleboarding , Wildlife, Birding, Culture
Amazon River & Rainforest , Yasuni National Park, Jungle Hikes, Kayaking & More.....
4, 5 & 8 Days $3,775
Amazon River and Rainforest, Pacaya Samiria Reserve, Exotic Amazon Jungle Wildlife and Fauna
14 Days $3,975
Lima, Cusco, Arequipa & Colca Canyon, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Amazon
Anavilhanas Archipelago, Amazon Rainforest Excursion, Rainforest Wildlife, Lago Janauari Ecological Park
4 & 5 Days $3,750
Amazon River and Rainforest, Luxury Accommodations , Indigenous Flora, Fauna and Wildlife, Jungle Canopy Tower & Walkway
4 & 5 Days $3,040
Amazon River Luxury Cruising, Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Jungle Wildlife
4 & 5 Days $2,400
Amazon River Headwaters, Wildlife Spotting, Local Communities, Jungle Hiking and Canoeing , Fishing for Piranha
14 Days $3,795
Lima, Cusco , Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Amazon Lodge - 3 Days, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca
4 & 5 Days $1,290
Amazon Rainforest, Jungle Wildlife, Canopy Tower
4 & 5 Days $1,550
Amazon Rainforest, Jungle Wildlife, Canopy Tower
Lima, Cusco, Amazon Rainforest, Reserva Amazonica Lodge, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu
4, 5 & 8 Days $2,075
Amazon River & Rainforest , Yasuni National Park, Wildlife, Cultural Excursions, Fauna and Flora
4 & 5 Days $1,695
Amazon Rainforest, Jungle Wildlife, Canopy Tower, Birdwatching
11 Days $3,455
Amazon Jungle, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca
Ecolodge's 115-foot canopy tower, Hike and Tour Tres Chimbadas Lake, Tambopata National Reserve
Tambopata National Reserve, Select from a wide array of activities
4 & 5 Days $1,495
Amazon Rainforest, Jungle Wildlife, Canopy Tower, Luxury Lodge