Baleens on Tour in Peru


The eco-business of whale watching in Peru is in its infancy. Though dolphins are more likely to be seen around Lima than are baleens, humpbacks pass by Lima in November and again in July. On the north coast, humpbacks start arriving in June and stay until October or November to breed and give birth. The top spots include Los Organos where they may be seen from land or sea. A great base for your northern region travel to Peru is the nearby Mancora, a popular spot with surfers.

Almost all of Southern Explorations’ Peru tours spend time in Lima. With its year-round sun, on the north coast of Peru, surfing and whale watching are pleasant during the same season. Southern Explorations offers a four-day tour extension to Mancora that may be added to Machu Picchu trekking tours or elsewhere during travel to Peru.