Be Here Now, Go South Later


At Southern Explorations we’ve had a lot of time to reflect and take stock of the beautiful Latin American places, people, and adventures we’ve connected travelers with for nearly two decades. While we are at home, we’re still working hard planning new and exciting journeys and ensuring that those of you who have trips scheduled are able to take them when the time is right. 

The Best Souvenir You Can Bring Back from South America


“What’s the best souvenir to get here?”

It’s a great question and one that our guides get from guests traveling with us all the time.

You have to pick up a souvenir, right? Everyone wants a keepsake from the places they visit. It just makes sense, when you experience the trip of a lifetime you are going to want to have something to remind you of your treasured moments once your return home.

New Nazca Lines?

Humanoid figure found in Nazca Lines

Archaeologists have discovered 143 new Nazca Lines etched into the desert plain some 250 miles southeast of Lima, Peru. The series of massive geoglyphs were identified by researchers at Japan’s Yamagata University through a combination of on-the-ground fieldwork and data analysis.


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