The Secret Treasures of Northern Peru

Of course you want to see the great icons. We understand. They’re iconic for a reason. Machu Picchu is rightfully entrenched in travelers’ minds as a must-see locale because it’s an incredible place to experience. But it’s far from the only awe-inspiring historic site in Peru, simply the best known.

World Cup Tournament Time: Argentina vs. Brazil


Even though the United States didn’t qualify for this year’s World Cup, our team of South America and Central America travel experts here in the U.S. have found plenty of rooting interests in the tournament all the same. When you spend as much time getting to know the people and the places across South America the way we have, you develop some pretty profound ties and you can’t help but pull for the countries you know intimately.

Live Chat With The Team


If you’ve been a regular reader of our blog and newsletter, or if you’ve traveled with us before, you know that the ideal way for us to start crafting your next South America and Central America adventure is for you to give our team of travel experts a call to chat about it.

The Southern Explorations Lifestyle


When Justin Laycob founded Southern Explorations, he had a distinct ideology in mind for the company he was about to create. Not just for the style of revelatory South America and Central America travel experiences he wanted to provide guests, but also the lifestyle experience he’d be able to create for himself and his team.

Galapagos Conserves Its Beauty; Bans Single-Use Plastics

Galapagos Tortoise

Single-use plastics will now be banned in the Galapagos Islands! The ban, created to protect wildlife and their habitats from the detrimental affects of plastic waste, will roll out in phases over four months and affects all residents, tour operators and visitors.
New Plastic Restrictions in the Galapagos Islands, Starting the Summer of 2018

A Dream Galapagos Trip


In 2005, Howard & Linda Payne made the decision to follow their dreams of pursuing the open road, exploring the world, and documenting their travels along the way on their website. The couple recently did some exploring with Southern Explorations, experiencing the Galapagos Islands and the incredible flora & fauna they'd always dreamed of seeing for themselves. This is their story.


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