Welcome Back Lisa


You may have noticed that our Southern Explorations team has something of a passion for travel and adventure. Through the years that devotion to exploration has more often than not - for rather obvious reasons - manifested itself in travel throughout South America and Central America.

Yes, You Can Travel to Cuba!

Despite what you may have heard, don't worry, Cuba is still open to American travelers. While new travel rules now state that Americans traveling to Cuba must experience the island within an organized group or independently under the "Support for the Cuban People" category of travel, you can rest assured we've gone the extra mile to ensure that every element of our new Cuba Highlights trip fulfills the requirements.

Looking Forward


While putting together our Southern Explorations Best of 2017 list, we couldn’t help but begin to look forward to what we have in store for 2018. Without giving away too much, we wanted to at least offer a sampling of what you can expect Southern Explorations to bring you in the year ahead.

Cuba Rules!


You’ve probably been hearing a lot of conflicting messages regarding travel to Cuba lately. Yes, President Trump announced changes in the travel rules for U.S. Citizens traveling to Cuba, but to put your mind at ease, we wanted to assure you that our Southern Explorations Cuba experiences fully comply with U.S. laws.


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