New and Improved Trips to Colombia

Southern Explorations has made Colombia an even more exciting place to visit. We have announced new tours to this South American country, plus revamped existing tours to make them even better. Travelers can now delve into the culture and architecture of Colombia's most popular cities; mountain bike, raft, and ride horses through amazing scenery; and savor some of the most famous coffee in the world.

New Colombia Tours:

Under the Radar

If you’ve traveled with us before, you know that one of the defining elements of our trips is taking our guests off the beaten path, no matter the destination you’re exploring. With that in mind we want to take you even further off the well-trodden trail as our team of Latin America travel experts give you the heads up on some of our most underrated trip itineraries.

New Unique Way to Discover Remote Destinations with Southern Explorations


Southern Explorations is now offering a more intimate way to discover unexplored tropical destinations. We are excited to offer stand up paddleboard tours in some of the most coveted areas in South America - specifically, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands.

As one of the first tour operators to offer land-based tours in the Galapagos Islands, we have discovered a new way to give travelers an up close and personal experience with the local flora and fauna.


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