Camping in Antarctica


Antarctica is more than a cruise if you want it to be. While every Antarctica itinerary takes passengers ashore to get close-up views of the continent’s abundance of wildlife, some visitors who travel to Antarctica wish to experience even more thrills. For them, we offer additional activities that some but not all ships offer, including camping, hiking, mountaineering and cross-country skiing, made all the more memorable because the setting is Antarctica.

As unlikely as it seems, camping is the most popular optional activity we offer on our Antarctica tours, appealing to seasoned campers as well as first-time outdoor enthusiasts, all drawn to this once-in-a-lifetime, perhaps only our lifetime, serene Antarctic experience. The ethereal amenities of Antarctica are found nowhere else. Silence is one. There is no more profound way to experience the solitude of Antarctica than at night surrounded by constellations unfamiliar to most visitors. Here stars appear close enough to touch, and voices above a whisper sound strangely out of place.

All necessary gear is provided for a safe, comfortable Antarctic camping experience appropriate to weather conditions, including tents, sleeping bags and mats. Campers may instead bring their own gear if their bags are rated to -10°C / 14°F and sleeping mats are insulated.

Our Antarctica camping tours are offered on a space-available basis in accordance with on-land travel restrictions that are set by the Antarctic Treaty System. These Antarctic camping expeditions are scheduled according to the tides, to allow you to arrive on shore swiftly and glide away on the receding waters. Depending on the Antarctic cruise itinerary, the setting for some expeditions is on ice, an otherworldly experience in itself. We adhere to the highest of environmental standards during these Antarctic camping excursions, including using portable toilets and transporting all supplies and refuse, according to the same Leave no Trace policy that we apply to all Southern Explorations tours.