Discounted Galapagos Hotel Upgrades

Get 50% off all 4 star hotel upgrade rates on your Galapagos land based tours when booking a group of 3 or more. 

Here are some of our favorite land based tours:

Galapagos SUP Adventure: Discover the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands in this unique seven-day tour. Discover the coastlines of several islands from the water with stand up paddle boards, exploring caverns, beaches and mangroves. Snorkel with rays, sea lions, and sea turtles and keep an eye out for penguins, marine iguanas and blue footed boobies! Hike along lava rock trails amongst a variety of bird life, and stand at the edge of the second largest volcano crater in the world. This up-close-and-personal tour of these famous remote islands will give you a greater understanding of the beauty and remote wildness they’re famous for.

Galapagos Multisport Adventure: For those wishing to experience the Galapagos Islands by land instead of by sea, we offer our Galapagos Multisport Adventure. These diverse land-based Galapagos tours includes daily excursions to visitor sites on four of the central, southern and western islands and spending nights in hotels. You will observe the islands' vast array of wildlife from the up-close perspective afforded by kayaking, snorkeling, biking, and hiking. This unique tour combines the best of Galapagos nature, wildlife, history and landscapes with adventure and sports activities.

*Discount maxes out at $250 per person. Promotion excludes Galapagos Safari Camp, Pikaia Lodge, Scalesia Lodge and Finch Bay Eco Resort. Applies to new bookings only. Promo excludes holiday departures: Christmas, New Year's, and Easter weeks.