The National Parks of the Pampas


Lihue Calel National Park
Situated in southern La Pampa Province, Lihue Calel is a bio-diverse park containing over 350 plant species ranging from dry scrub to calden trees (of the mesquite family) in the more humid areas. It is home to the puma, jaguarundi and Geoffroy’s cat for those interested in seeing big cats on their Argentina tours, as well as the Patagonian fox, guanaco, Patagonian hare, the chinchilla-like vizcacha, lizards and the burrowing tuco tuco. Species of interest to birdwatchers when they travel to Argentina include the American rhea, the crowned eagle, and part of the year in the park, parakeets.

Communities of hunter-gatherers once inhabited the area. In more recent times, these lands served to hide the indigenous populations who sought to take back their land from the conquistadores.

The park is rarely crowded and has camping facilities for visitors on Argentina tours. Summers are sweltering and not a recommended time to travel to Argentina to visit this park. The closest town is Puelches.