Ordering Off Menu


As a custom trip company, we understandably get a number of requests from guests hoping to explore destinations currently not listed in our trip collection. When that happens – and especially when it starts happening with some frequency – we’re sure to pay attention.
Pulling back the curtain on what our team of South America and Central America travel specialists has been cooking up lately, we wanted to let you in on a little Southern Explorations secret:
Bolivia is next!
That’s right, the Southern Explorations team has been getting deep into exploring and experiencing rugged Bolivia, one of South America’s most diverse and enigmatic destinations.
What other country can lay claim to two (disputed) capitals: La Paz and Sucre? Did you know Bolivia is South America and Central America’s most indigenous country? Or that the nation’s Cordillera Real boasts more than 600 mountain peaks reaching 16,000-plus feet for incredible trekking, hiking, climbing and biking? And then there’s Salar de Uyuni, nestled near the crest of the Andes, at some 4,086 square miles it is the largest salt flat in the world and also the breeding grounds for multiple species of flamingoes.
Want to know more about the next big Southern Explorations destination? We’d be delighted to talk Bolivia travel with you as we’ve already started putting together a collection of compelling itineraries for some of our guests who can’t wait to get there.