The Ultimate Steak Sandwich


In the standard chivito, the cut of meat is usually skirt steak or filet mignon. From there, the sky is the limit. The chivito canadiense contains Canadian bacon in addition to the usual ingredients. A fried egg (or sliced hard-cooked egg if you prefer) is a common add-on, and grilled red peppers or onions, hearts of palm, olives (black or green) and pickles often find their way into a chivito.

To experience the chivito fully, one must be able to get one’s mouth around it so that the heavenly amalgam of flavors may be enjoyed in concert with one another. French fries make a good accompaniment to the chivito. Diet watchers on Uruguay tours may ask for their chivito al plato, meaning “hold the bread.”
Visitors can look forward to the mouthwatering chivito experience wherever their Uruguay tours take them. The country has chivito chains (chiviterias), chivito street vendors, restaurants with chivito in the name and many that feature the sandwich as a specialty of the house.

Sure you don’t have to travel to Uruguay to enjoy a chivito. The sandwich has a Facebook page, and you can find ethnic restaurant in some of America’s largest cities with chivitos on the menu, but the best way to experience a chivito is to travel to Uruguay. One bite and you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to the Food Network.