What Does Luxury Mean at Southern Explorations?


Don’t let stodgy misconceptions about the meaning of the word luxury deter you from experiencing an unforgettable elevated travel experience. Truly remarkable high-end travel experiences don’t have to come presented with white gloves and fine crystal in stuffy settings.
When you think luxury, Southern Explorations wants you to think about luxuriating in a destination, and luxuriating means fully and completely reveling in a destination by soaking in the absolute best that it has to offer.
It means taking in the ultimate adventure experiences, feasting on the delicious local delicacies and enjoying the best traditional beverages, relishing in the finest accommodations, and basking in the peace-of-mind that comes with having one of our South America and Central America travel experts arrange your seamless trip for you. The way we see it, white-glove service can absolutely exist in a rock-climbing-gloves world. 
What often separates a luxury experience from the rest actually comes down to high-level attention to the details, something we pride ourselves on delivering for our guests every day. We don’t let the little things slip through the cracks and our in-destination expertise and experience allow us to garnish your trip with flourishes all along the way that elevate the trip to the next level.
Enjoying a Southern Explorations luxury trip doesn’t mean you’ll get better guides, because we already work with the best guides in South America and Central America at every level of travel experience we offer. It also doesn’t mean you’ll be told about exclusive spots off limits to the rest of our guests, as we ensure every single one our guests are privy to our local knowledge and insights. And it doesn’t mean you’ll get more access to service, as all our guests can reach us 24/7 when they travel.
What a high-end Southern Explorations travel experience does mean is we will craft experiences for you that deliver the top shelf adventures and accommodations for discerning travelers at every opportunity throughout your trip. From our 8-day Luxury Panama itinerary, to incredible boutique lodgings in Peru and Ecuador, as well as extraordinary premium journeys through Patagonia and a number of luxury-class vessels sailing the Galapagos and Antarctica, our more high-end experiences add a dusting of the finer things in life to your Southern Explorations experience.
And just because our most opulent itineraries come in at a higher price point doesn’t mean they fail to deliver amazing value. No matter how many next-level moments and top shelf experiences you want our travel experts to build into your own fine-tuned upscale trip, our ultimate goal is to ensure you get outstanding value from your trip at every turn.