Tributaries of the Amazon River

The Amazon is a river of many rivers stretching almost coast to coast across the northern regions of South America. The seventeen longest of the Amazon's 1,100 tributaries flow more than a thousand miles. Two of its tributaries, the Negro and the Madeira, are the fifth and sixth largest rivers in the world by volume. 

Galapagos Islands Travel by way of Peru

Southern Explorations offers the highest quality experience with the Galapagos Multi-Sport Adventure tour. Only in the Galapagos Islands can you lounge on the beach among sea lions or come upon thousands of huge marine iguanas napping next to a hiking trail. This active Galapagos vacation allows you to explore four islands on foot, mountain bike, and kayak with plenty of time for snorkeling. Unique to this trip, we offer lodging on the islands themselves.

Add Penguins to your Itinerary in Antarctica and Elsewhere

Ever since the release of the 2005 Oscar-winning French documentary, March of the Penguins, travelers have been gaga over penguins, showing up on bucket lists the world over. South America and Antarctica are of course much more than penguins, but if you believe, as many people do, that you may only make one big trip to these continents, it is possible to include a destination or two to glimpse, or even better, walk among these fascinating creatures.


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