Get Ready, Cuba Adventures are on the Way!


Southern Explorations has been offering custom, luxury travel to South & Latin America for the past 11 years. We are excited to announce Southern Explorations will now be offering trips to Cuba! Thanks to a new set of regulations that recently went into affect, US Citizens can now legally visit Cuba within the 'people-to-people' travel regulations.

We are touring the country now, and will have additional details to follow with official launch dates!

The Extremes of Chile, Something for Everyone

The narrow 2,653-mile strip of land called Chile attracts a wide range of visitors from hikers to foodies to photographers. Hikers tend to travel south to pristine, remote Patagonia. Urbane travelers enjoy the center for its fine wines, food and culture. Chile’s most exotic land lies 2,300 miles into the Pacific where dozens of Easter Island’s moai have been provoking conjecture for centuries. Perhaps the least known of Chile’s regions is to the north where the Atacama Desert attracts photographers for its stark, photogenic beauty. Increasingly, active and not so active travelers are discovering the Atacama. These stunning desert sights make breathtaking backdrops for hiking and bicycling excursions. If high elevation exertion isn’t your cup of tea, motorized transportation travels to many of these Atacama destinations as well.


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