Planning A Galapagos Vacation

Planning a Galapagos trip isn’t like putting together an independent itinerary to another destination. Here all stops are approved by the Galapagos National Park Service and limited to official land and marine visitor sites to protect the wildlife. So many different kinds of travelers visit the Galapagos Islands these days, new vessels and itineraries keep being added to suit a wide range of interests. 

Six Reasons Travelers Say Antarctica is the Best Vacation Ever

Only 50,000 tourists travel to Antarctica each year. To put that in perspective, 85 million travel to France. Bucket lists could change that, but still, Antarctica’s tourist crowd will likely remain tiny. Many who have traveled to Antarctica say their trip was the best vacation they’ve ever taken. That’s quite a statement when you consider that anyone who visits Antarctica has probably already been to many of the world’s other incredible destinations. Here are some of the reasons why people consider Antarctica the ultimate.

Tributaries of the Amazon River

The Amazon is a river of many rivers stretching almost coast to coast across the northern regions of South America. The seventeen longest of the Amazon's 1,100 tributaries flow more than a thousand miles. Two of its tributaries, the Negro and the Madeira, are the fifth and sixth largest rivers in the world by volume. 


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