The 2022 Peru Season Has Begun

Peruvian in mountains

A travel journal to South America would not be complete without a trip into Peru. From culture and cuisine to challenging, high altitude aha-moments, Peru embodies the history, culture, and abundance of all of South America. Family-friendly with tourist-ready infrastructure, Peru’s dry season from April to October easily welcomes multi-generational groups, nature lovers, and active adventurers ready to immerse themselves in once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
Southern Explorations organizes expertly guided Peru tours designed to provide our travelers an iconic experience with expert, local guidance. While each tour is designed with a full travel experience in mind, we are happy to customize any itinerary to include more luxury, education, adventure, and cultural immersion.
Inti Raymi Festival & Machu Pichu
Join our Inti Raymi Festival & Machu Pichu tour for a colorful Winter Solstice in Peru on June 24th, 2022. The entire festive week is a powerhouse of processions and iconic sights as seen in the height of the sacred celebration of the sun king and mother earth. Head to the enigmatic heart of the Sacred Valley and experience the vibrancy of life in Moray and Maras. Explore the cloud forests and shadows of Machu Pichu. Wind down the journey with a captivating city tour of Cusco and an entire day spent in the thick of the Inti Raymi Festival.
If Peru has called to you before, drop us a line by May 31st, 2022.
Southern Explorations is offering a $350 per person discount on 2022 Peru trips until May 31st,  applies to all travel dates in 2022.
Amazon & Machu Picchu
Explore the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu and immerse yourself in the wild depths of the Amazon rainforest. Throughout this 9-day tour of Peru, adventurers take in the iconic mysteries of the Andes and experience the unparalleled biodiversity of the country’s renown rainforests. Southern Explorations’ Amazon & Machu Picchu tour includes a 3-day, 2-night stay at an Amazon jungle lodge, where guests are delighted by the sights and sounds of the rainforest. A favorite itinerary among our well-travelled staff, we have many thoughtful suggestions on how to customize this or any Southern Explorations tour.
A note from the itinerate travelers at Southern Explorations: Book as early as possible for travel in the June to August peak season. Airfares are predicted to rise to meet not just a pent-up travel market but a backlog of travelers. Make reservations for June, July, and August 2022 now.
Choquequirao Peru Hiking Trip
Discover the Lost City Choquequirao, a lightly populated, physically challenging trek on a much less-travelled path. From end to end, the Choquequirao Peru Hiking Trip offers a masterclass on the biodiversity of the Andes, the history of the Incas, and an immersion into daily mountain life. This 10-day journey will satisfy the most active adventurer’s thirst to explore the Inca heartland, alongside an expert local guide and friendly support team.
Fold in luxury, adventure, or local experiences.

Southern Explorations offers thoughtful preplanned itineraries, but as many of our past travelers have noted, our travel savvy staff are experts at putting together custom itineraries that include something for everyone. With international travel returning to pre-Pandemic ease, now is the time to book a well-earned trip to discover the awe of ancient Andean trails and Amazonian wildlife.