Our Top 3 Hotels in Peru

Lobby entrance at Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Peru is a beautiful country with a diverse range of attractions. Home to lush Amazon rainforest, the ancient Incan empire, the awe-inspiring Andes mountains, and many other fantastic features, Peru is enchanting and exciting! If you love vacations full of adventure and culture, then you need to visit Peru.  

Top 3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Multi-Generational Family Trip

As we emerge from years of pandemic restrictions and social isolation, we are entering a new era of travel and interconnectedness. What better way to greet this new era than by planning a multi-generational family trip?
A multi-generational family trip is a wonderful way to bring loved ones together and make meaningful memories. Each trip is special – so why don’t more people plan them? The truth is that multi-generational trips can take a little extra planning, which is intimidating for some people. The extra planning is worth the rewards!

Jon's Recent Trip to Peru on the Inca Trail Lodge to Lodge


Inca Trail Lodge to Lodge View through Incan Ruins

Inca Trail Lodge to Lodge Hiking Tour

Find hospitality off the beaten path with this one-of-a-kind excursion from Southern Explorations. Combine an exclusive look at five distinct, remote ecosystems at high elevation in the Andes Mountains of Peru, paired with the comfort of intimate mountain lodges on this lodge-to-lodge trip along the Incan Trail.


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