Though many of our trips spend time on boats, we offer ocean cruise itineraries at only two destinations, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica. In many ways, these are very different experiences. Yet because close-up views of astonishing wildlife is the star attraction at both, travelers who have taken a Galapagos Islands tour owe it to themselves to experience Antarctica and vice versa. It goes without saying that those who have experienced neither don’t know how much they are missing. On-board accommodations to both destinations range from basic to 5-star vessels, accommodating just a few travelers to over a hundred passengers. Both are trips of a lifetime, journeys like no other. Take a look at the bucket list of the traveler who has made it to one of these destinations and you’ll probably see the other.


From traveling to the Galapagos, you know that only one penguin species inhabits the archipelago. This may or may not have satisfied your desire to observe penguins. Seven different penguin species await you on your Antarctica tours in certain locations and in groups numbering into the thousands. Whales too aren’t generally what one writes home about during a Galapagos tour. But travel to Antarctica and you are sure to see many. It depends on location and time of year but several whale species spend time around Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands including blue whales and humpbacks. In Antarctica, such exotic formations as icebergs and glaciers are as common a feature of the landscape as the volcanic structures that comprise the Galapagos. And there is the silence, that isn’t just a matter of being in a place where only a few fellow-humans are allowed. Here it is silence at the ends of the Earth. A typical day in Antarctica involves two excursions going ashore or along the shore in small rubberized crafts called Zodiaks, to get as respectfully close to wildlife as possible. Some vessels have an open bridge policy that allows passengers to see as the captain sees. Most evenings include a wildlife lecture by naturalist guides. Itineraries are all ice and weather-dependent, a consideration that some travelers aren’t expecting. For penguin lovers, one unforgettable experience is the days spent at an Emperor rookery, ice conditions permitting.


Travelers may spend a great deal of time observing wildlife from Zodiacs in Antarctica but one, place they don’t go is into the water for some snorkeling. With air temperatures hovering around 32 degrees during Antarctic summer, neither will you find Antarctic passengers taking a daily ocean swim or enjoying dinner and cocktails on an open air deck. Antarctic alums are sure to enjoy that difference, along with all the snorkeling opportunities without a wetsuit. And there are all those exotic-sounding species one will encounter for the first time in the Galapagos, sally light foot crab, blue and red footed boobies, and of course all those species whose names start with “Galapagos” that you’ll find nowhere else. A typical day on a Galapagos cruise includes visiting two different visitor sites, getting from their ship to shore via small panga crafts. Passengers are given plenty of time to linger with the wildlife, take photos, and if they wish, swim and/or snorkel, depending on the destination. Meals are typically enjoyed onboard. Many vessels have libraries to give passengers opportunities to learn more about Galapagos wildlife and naturalist guides are a wealth of information on all topics related to the islands.

Take your pick or schedule both. They are equally divine.

View our Cruises trip and tour options below:
12 - 22 Days $14,680
Glaciers, Icebergs, Whales, Penguins, Hiking, Kayaking, Photography
Los Glaciares National Park, Torres del Paine National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier, Classic Treks to Mt. Torre and to Mt. Fitz Roy
6 & 8 Days $3,995
Wildlife, Birding, Penguins, Hiking, Snorkeling
Amazon River & Rainforest , Yasuni National Park, Jungle Hikes, Kayaking & More.....
10 Day $7,995
Wildlife, Birding, Penguins , Hiking, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking
8 & 10 Days $3,295
Wildlife, Biriding, Penguins, Hiking, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking
6, 7 & 10 Days $2,295
Wildlife, Birding, Penguins, Hiking, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking
6 - 10 Days $11,495
Glaciers, Icebergs, Penguins, Whales, Kayaking, Hiking, Snowshoeing
6, 7 & 10 Days $2,295
Wildlife, Birding, Penguins, Hiking, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking