Amazon Cruises


Amazon travel of yesterday bears no resemblance to the range of vessels and itineraries that travel this mightiest of rivers today. The Amazon travels through seven countries before its 50-mile wide mouth empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the Amazon’s tributaries are among the largest rivers in the world though narrower than the Amazon itself, the better to view wildlife at close range.


Our Amazon cruises in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil travel on small capacity motorized yachts, accommodating from 8 to 32 passengers. Guest cabins are air-conditioned making them ideal for the leisurely afternoons. Accompanied by knowledgeable naturalist guides, passengers go ashore most days for hikes through the rainforest and to journey by canoe or small motorized launch into areas where wildlife comes to feed, and when temperatures are the coolest of the day. Side trips to visit indigenous settlements give visitors a glimpse of the timeless Amazon lifestyle and show how its residents use the flora and fauna of the rainforest for medicinal, cultural and economic purposes.


Nature is serene. Nature is loud. In the Amazon you’ll experience both, especially after nightfall when some species bed down and others are just getting started. Though some of what you may observe you won’t be able to capture in your photos, the anaconda slithering by, a pink dolphin jumping out of the water, the roar of a jaguar at night, they are memories that will stay with you always.


In the Amazon, the temperatures range between hot and hotter. Since much Amazon wildlife feels the same way about the heat as humans, excursions are timed in the morning and late afternoon when temperatures are as low as they are going to be. That makes after lunch the perfect time to return to the Amazon armchair traveler you were when you decided you wanted to experience the Amazon. So many great books have been written, including some spine-tingling memoirs like Joe Kane’s 1985 best-selling account of his 4,200-mile journey down the Amazon from beginning to end. The recently published River of Doubt, Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey describes his 1913 trip down the Amazon after becoming a widower and defeated presidential candidate. And it’s just the right time to read Love in the Time of Cholera by Colombian Nobel Prize winning novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Packing light is overrated when it comes to books.


Although one travels to the Amazon to see wildlife, the dining experience and other shipboard activities are something to write about too. Amazon mornings with coffee on the observation deck will begin some of your days here, or you may want to start with an early morning expedition to a macaw clay lick or a lagoon shoreline. Depending on your choice of vessel, you may enjoy a massage in the privacy of your own outdoor deck. Delectable forest to table meals accompanied by fine wines and cocktails are served at sunset. Guides sometimes give evening lectures and or lead nighttime walks to look for nocturnal species. Our Amazon tours are designed to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities. Excursions happen day and night, from rainforest hikes and treetop canopy lookouts to canoe trips through secluded oxbow lakes and flooded forests.

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Anavilhanas Archipelago, Amazon Rainforest Excursion, Rainforest Wildlife, Lago Janauari Ecological Park
Amazon River & Rainforest , Yasuni National Park, Jungle Hikes, Kayaking & More.....
4, 5 & 8 Days $3,615
Amazon River and Rainforest, Pacaya Samiria Reserve, Exotic Amazon Jungle Wildlife and Fauna
4 & 5 Days $4,450
Amazon River and Rainforest, Luxury Accommodations , Indigenous Flora, Fauna and Wildlife, Jungle Canopy Tower & Walkway
4, 5 & 8 Days $2,280
Amazon River & Rainforest , Yasuni National Park, Wildlife, Cultural Excursions, Fauna and Flora
10+ Days $3,470
Galapagos Islands , Amazon Jungle , Wildlife , Birding, Snorkeling , Hiking