We invite you to work closely with our well-traveled team of Antarctica experts to build a first class tailor-made tour over the dates of your choice. If you want to travel to the ends of the earth and experience the planet’s last great wilderness, Antarctica is the destination for you. The only continent on the planet with no permanent residents, Antarctica has long captured the imaginations of explorers and adventurers. We offer a range of Antarctica cruise experiences, including Active, Luxury, Fly & Sail and Emperor Penguin expeditions.

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The largest Antarctic cruise ships travel to more distant destinations in Western Antarctica such as the Weddell Sea that borders the peninsula and the Ross Sea. Ships that travel to East Antarctica in the Indian Ocean depart from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, all much longer Antarctic trips with less frequent departures. All of the cruise ships on Southern Explorations’ Antarctica tours embark from Ushuaia.

Antarctica tour ships must acquire permits to enter government-protected areas, must ensure adequate passenger supervision by trained, experienced Antarctic guides and have approved management and monitoring plans for emergencies and waste disposal. Cruise ship operators are required to inform passengers about the Antarctic Treaty’s provisions, conduct evacuation and other safety drills onboard and submit a follow-up report detailing the activities that took place during the cruise.

Among these options, we are confident you will find a ship to match your interests and expectations. To give you a general idea of the types of Antarctica trips and vacations we offer to travel to Antarctica, please read about our itinerary categories. If you would like to discuss Antarctica tours in more detail, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

View our Antarctica trip and tour options below:
12 - 22 Days $14,680
Glaciers, Icebergs, Whales, Penguins, Hiking, Kayaking, Photography
11 - 23 Days $5,795
Snowshoeing, Camping, Kayaking, Photography Program, Penguins and Whales, Icebergs & Glaciers
6 - 10 Days $11,495
Glaciers, Icebergs, Penguins, Whales, Kayaking, Hiking, Snowshoeing
8 - 20 Days $8,495
Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayking, Punta Arenas to Antarctica Flights, Penguins and Whales, Icebergs & Glaciers
11 - 32 Days $8,050
Glaciers/Icebergs, Whales, Penguins, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Kayaking, Camping, Diving, Helicopter Touring, Photography, Mountaineering
10-23 Days $6,550
Camping, Kayaking, Hiking/Snowshoeing, Diving, Icebergs & Glaciers, Penguins, Whales
10 - 34 Days $7,250
Glaciers, Icebergs, Whales, Penguins, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Camping, Diving, Photography
6-16 Days $17,995
Punta Arenas to Antarctica Flights, Hiking/Snowshoeing, Kayaking, Penguins, Whales, Icebergs & Glaciers
10 - 25 Days $8,716
Kayaking, Camping, Diving/Snorkeling, Trekking/Climbing, Skiing/Snowboarding, Hiking/Snowshoeing, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, South Georgia Crossing, Penguins, Glaciers & Icebergs, Zodiac Cruising