Be Here Now, Go South Later


At Southern Explorations we’ve had a lot of time to reflect and take stock of the beautiful Latin American places, people, and adventures we’ve connected travelers with for nearly two decades. While we are at home, we’re still working hard planning new and exciting journeys and ensuring that those of you who have trips scheduled are able to take them when the time is right. 
Our motto these days is “be here now, go south later”. While now is not the time to travel, it is the perfect time to plan. Whether you’re hoping to discover the beauty and wonder of Peru and Machu Picchu; the incredible landscapes and wildlife in the Galapagos; the biodiversity and incredible beaches and forests of Costa Rica; the breathtaking glaciers, awe-inspiring mountains and vast wilderness of Patagonia; or the otherworldly ice-covered continent of Antarctica, we are here to make your travel dreams come true. And we do that while supporting our amazing local Latin American communities and partners. We consider them family and are making sure that they are safe, healthy, and taking good care.
We understand the need for flexibility in these uncertain times so we want to remind you that we’ve updated our rebooking and cancellation policies to offer you peace of mind, now and in the future, whatever it may bring. 

Southern Explorations is passionate about providing every one of our travelers with trips of a lifetime. For many travelers, a journey to the places we love and have dedicated our lives to exploring is a bucket list trip. We’re here to offer you our years of experience and deep knowledge of these destinations to create a trip even more spectacular than you dreamed. 

Final Payment due 45 days before trip start date.
To give you flexibility and peace of mind, we are now offering:

*For Galapagos and Antarctica Cruises, holidays, and special departures please contact your Southern Explorations trip specialist.