What Will Our Return to Travel Look Like?

Costa Rica Mountains

Slowly, the world is starting to open up. And while we certainly aren’t past this pandemic yet and many questions still remain, people are starting to think about what our post-pandemic world is going to look like. We’ve been thinking about that ourselves as we monitor daily the destinations we visit.

We’re in constant communication with our team members on the ground across Latin America to ensure we have all the information available to us as we make plans to return to travel later this year and into 2021. We’re happy to report that Southern Explorations is poised and prepared to return to travel as soon as we’re able. While many travel companies are having to reconsider and re-structure their entire approach to travel and transportation logistics, we’re fortunate that Southern Explorations’ travel model is very well-suited to traveling safely and fastidiously.

Small, private group travel has been our specialty for nearly two decades. Going forward, we will only be offering private trips on our land tours for December and into 2021. Some services are necessarily shared, such as small cruise ships and all-inclusive lodges, but we are here to help you find the best small-group options and happy to discuss cruise charters and lodges with upgrades to private services. We are in daily communication with our local partners, including hotels, small cruise ships, and lodges, to ensure we have a clear understanding of the enhanced health and safety protocols they are implementing. We are only working with partners that we have confirmed are taking all of the necessary precautions needed to ensure our guest’s health and safety, including social distancing measures and increased cleaning procedures.

We have also been talking with many of you. Antarctica has always been one of our most sought after destinations and right now you’re telling us that an Antarctica trip is at the top of your travel list in the months and years to come. You’re also telling us that you’re excited about traveling to Costa Rica, Argentina and Patagonia. Currently, Costa Rica is scheduled to re-open its borders on August 1st and Argentina is scheduled to re-open its borders in September.

Trips like our Classic Patagonia, with its extensive time spent in wide open spaces, will be our most sought after experiences. Now, even more so than before, we’ll be crafting all Southern Explorations trips with as many unrestricted outdoor experiences as possible.

We would love to continue the conversation with you and learn more about your travel outlook, we’ve put together a very simple three-question survey to learn more about what you want your return to travel to look like. We would be delighted if you could take a moment to take our survey.

We can’t wait to get you back to South America!