Scouting Costa Rica

Female Surfer Walks into Surf

We are fresh off yet another Southern Explorations scouting mission! This time we are coming off an in-depth exploration of Costa Rica’s most underappreciated and underexplored regions, all with the goal of crafting some new custom trips and itineraries through the rugged and rain-forested country.

Justin's Letter

Southern Explorations team on a sail boat

Hello fellow travelers! As we wrap up our 13th calendar year in operation I wanted to send a quick note to thank everyone who traveled with us, chatted with us, followed us on social media, or read our newsletters throughout the year. We love exploring, we love talking travel, we love crafting trips and we wouldn’t get to do any of that without you! So thank you!

Eric's Trip


Exploring Off-The-Beaten Path in Patagonia

Hiking in Torre del Paine

We hope you've been following along on our social media channels as our Sales and Operations Manager Eric deep-dives into Patagonia on his mission to find additional opportunities to explore off-the-beaten path at Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

Follow Eric!

Eric at Nahuel Huapi National Park

Have you ever wondered how we craft our trips? Have you ever wanted to see for yourself what goes into mapping out and creating a quintessential Southern Explorations itinerary, complete with the thoughtful and creative touches our team is known for?
If you have, then you’re in luck!

What Makes a Southern Explorations Luxury Experience?


The word luxury can be worrying to some or maybe even off-putting to others, but as we like to tell our travelers, truly remarkable high-end travel experiences don’t have to come presented with white gloves and fine crystal in stuffy settings.
It was with that in mind that we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the things that differentiate our “luxury trips” from some of the other trips we offer.


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