How To Mix Up Your Travel to South America and Central America

woman celebrates trek at Montana de Siete Colores

Why do people travel?
It will come as no shock that, in our expert experience, we find most people tell us that the reason they want to travel is to find new and exciting experiences. It’s all about shaking up the everyday with something compelling and new across a variety of cultures in different environments.
It’s why people captivated by South and Central America, like our Founder and CEO Justin Laycob, sometimes branch out to explore other places. It’s also something we make sure to consider as we craft your Southern Explorations trips, because even when you’re experiencing some of the most fascinating places on the planet, you still want to mix it up day-to-day.
That’s why we love the cross-section of destinations we offer throughout Latin America; they help make our jobs easier. As long as you know where to look, each destination is brimming with an awesome selection of activities from the more intense - like white water rafting and scuba diving - to the lower impact activities like wildlife viewing and wine tours.
It allows our team to create some truly diverse itineraries for whatever type of traveler you are. By definition, our multisport trips to Argentina and Chile, Patagonia, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador all pack in a range of activities—but they are far from the only South America trips we offer that give you a chance to mix it up.
Our Family Adventures in Costa Rica and Panama are crafted to deliver adventure across generations and, as our COO Jonathan Borgida and his family recently demonstrated, we can create a family trip for any destination, with something to cater to everyone’s tastes. If you’re dreaming of a multi-generational trip for the whole family, we’ll work with you to make sure there’s a nice blend of activities that the whole family can enjoy together, as well as elements that indulge everyone individually. It’s all about striking the right balance according to what you need from your trip.
That doesn’t only apply to our family experiences either. You want balance and options whether you’re looking to indulge your whole family or pursue your personal travel fascinations. As you peruse our trip itineraries, you’ll continually notice how much attention we devote to mixing the more intense activities with those that are more leisurely inclined. Of course, it’s your trip and your time, so it’s all your choice. If you like to go hard from sun up to sun down, simply give us a call and we’ll craft your ultimate uncompromising experience. Rather take it easy on your time off? No problem, we’ll make sure you can steep yourself in the destination of your choice at your pace.
No matter the mix, we promise you it’ll be suited to your predilections, while running smoothly and effortlessly. Give us a call today and we’ll figure out the best way for you to mix it up in South America and Central America! 877-784-5400