The Truth About Panama

Pristine beach in Panama with boat

The truth is, Panama doesn’t get its due. It’s such an interesting country, and yet you don’t hear nearly as much about it as you should. That's good news for you if you’re the kind of traveler that wants to get away from the big tourism crowds to unlock something special for yourself.

Meet Alexandra Paz

Alex Paz with sea lion on the beach in Ecuador

Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Alex Paz is our new Galapagos Sales & Operations Support team member, however, she’s not new to travel. She’s been in the business for two decades now, having spent years working for Galapagos cruise ship companies, many of whom worked closely with Southern Explorations.

Mythologies of South America

Muisca artefact

South Americans are natural storytellers no matter how far back you go. And they’ve told their stories in all kinds of ways. Through music and dance. Literature and film. Rock carvings and architecture. Even through the things left behind long ago. 

The Galapagos: A Trip of a Lifetime

Aimee in Galapagos

We chatted with Aimee Cosson about her first ever international trip: an eye-opening experience in the Galapagos that her sister, our very own Marisa Edgerton, convinced her she had to take.
Southern Explorations: Had you done much traveling before your trip to the Galapagos with Southern Explorations?

Introducing our New Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Trip

iguanas on galapagos islands

We are excited to announce that we have added a new trip to our collection with the introduction of our 10-day Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure. With kayaking, snorkeling, trekking, biking, zip lining, volcano hikes and wildlife viewing all on the itinerary, there’s no shortage of adventure for every one of every age. 


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