A Once-In-A-Century Galapagos Travel Opportunity

The world is starting to re-open and some destinations are once again welcoming visitors! With the gradual reopening, and limitations on the numbers of tourists, this is a rare opportunity to explore the Galapagos Islands in a way they've never been experienced before.
Right now, the Galapagos Islands, which recently reached 100% vaccination for all adults, are presenting travelers with a once-in-a-century chance to experience the destination with limited tourists and an abundance of uncommon wildlife-viewing opportunities.
For the same reasons the article linked above mentions, we're recommending Galapagos private land tours like our Galapagos Multi-Sport and our Galapagos Safari Camp trips. As always, we can customize the land-based trips based on your interests and budget. We also recommend our Galapagos Islands cruises, with small groups and fully vaccinated crews, which offer the only way to visit the most remote, uninhabited islands in the archipelago.
Beginning July 1, 2021 fully vaccinated visitors can enter both Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands without a Covid test! The high rate of vaccinated tourists and Galapagos residents, combined with overall low tourist numbers, makes this the perfect time to travel to this remote part of the world.  
About 80% of the population of the Galapagos Islands relies on tourism, so we are thrilled to welcome travelers back on the islands, providing some much needed economic relief to the local communities.