Introducing the Aqua Nera Amazon Cruise

Aqua Nera exterior

Although much of the Amazon jungle is still nearly impenetrable and unexplored by all but its local indigenous people, Amazon river cruises provide a window into this still mysterious gem. Stepping aboard the Aqua Nera for your Amazon cruise means leaving much of the world behind as you wind your way upriver into one of the world’s last unexplored frontiers. Travel in comfort and luxury through untouched beauty and riverside villages. Keep an eye out for pink river dolphins and some of the nearly 1500 species of birdlife that spend at least some time in the Amazon each year. Pass the nights staring up at brilliant starry skies unmarred by city lights. Enjoy exquisite meals from Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, known for his exceptional approach to incorporating native Amazonian produce into his cuisine.
Southern Explorations is excited to announce this new option for delving deep into the hidden wonders of the Amazon. The Aqua Nera is a luxury yacht built to explore the marvels of the Amazon River in Peru and is now available for booking.
The Amazon Basin covers nearly 3 million square miles, with over 2 million square miles of tropical rainforest that span 9 South American nations. It is full of still-undiscovered species of flora and fauna that our river cruises give you unique access to.
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Thoughtfully built with luxury and elegance at the forefront, the Aqua Nera has 20 spacious suites with air conditioning and full-window views of the shoreline from each room, allowing travelers an intimate and comfortable way to watch the passing jungle and catch a glimpse of some of its unique flora and fauna. Expert naturalists lead daily small-group excursions into the jungle for up-close viewing of some of the local wildlife and plant life, including iridescent butterflies and some of the 10,000 species of mammals that call the region home. Keep an eye out for camouflaged or brilliantly-colored frogs, which outnumber other amphibians by more than 1000 species.
The Aqua Nera is sister ship to the Aria Amazon. Both ships provide a comfort-centered option for exploring the Amazon, allowing access deep into the heart of the jungle and a chance to spot wildlife not normally seen in more settled areas. This includes fishing for infamous piranhas and spotting 6-foot-wide water lilies from the daily tours on launch boats. Pair one of our Peru Amazon River cruises with any of our Machu Picchu trips for a truly unique exploration of the diverse beauty Peru has to offer.

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