Chile & Argentina are OPEN!

Los Glaciares National Park Argentina

We have great news for everyone who has been pining for a trip to Chile or a trip to Argentina: Chile has opened their borders as of October 1st and Argentina will open beginning November 1st.  We are ecstatic by the timing of these border openings as the summer travel season is just beginning in the Southern Hemisphere.
What you need to know about traveling to Chile
Starting November 1, vaccinated travelers to Chile are welcomed without quarantining upon arrival. To do so, they must complete the following requirements: 
  • Bring proof of travel insurance with a minimum coverage amount of $30,000 for healthcare.
  • Complete a Travelers’ Affidavit Form 48 hours prior to boarding.
  • Upload proof of vaccination prior to arrival via the Online Mobility Pass from the Chilean Ministry of Health.
  • Submit a negative COVID 19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before their flight.
  • Take a second PCR test upon landing and isolate until results come back.
What you need to know about traveling to Argentina
For travel to Argentina, the following protocols are in place for vaccinated travelers:
  • Visitors are required to submit the results of a negative PCR COVID 19 test taken within 72 hours before their flight.
  • A second test is required upon arrival performed by the local health authorities.
  • A third test may also be required after 5 to 7 days; however, this requirement is slated to be cancelled once local vaccination levels hit a certain threshold.
We update entry requirements and restrictions for all our destinations on a weekly basis and that information can be found here: For our confirmed travelers, your adventure travel planner will contact you with any urgent changes.
Travel now to Chile & Argentina
We recommend that interested visitors book now before other travelers begin flocking south. By January, we expect tours, hotels and flights to fill up, thanks in part to the wave of people rebooking postponed travel plans from before the COVID 19 pandemic hit. For those of you keen to visit Patagonia, bear in mind that most things shut down by the end of April.
Take advantage of this rare chance to explore spring in Chile and Argentina without the crowds while it lasts! Right now, tours and hotels have plenty of space and there’s no need to fight the crowds. As cold weather sets in in the Northern Hemisphere, more people will start looking toward South America for its warmer summer weather and to escape the cold at home.
Whether you’re looking for a cruise to Antarctica, a trek through Patagonia or a wine tasting adventure, Southern Explorations has a variety of tours to Chile and Argentina available. Choose the length of time, level of activity and amount of luxury that will make yours the trip of a lifetime.

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