Montevideo vs. Buenos Aires


Some rivalries are thoroughly engrossing. Red Sox vs. Yankees, the English breakfast vs. the Continental breakfast, Everest vs. K2, Microsoft vs. Apple, Sounders vs. Timbers.
And in the southern reaches of South America, on the Atlantic coast, another captivating duel has been playing out for centuries: Montevideo vs. Buenos Aires.

How To Spot a Jaguar


While jaguars are found all over South and Central America, actually seeing one is a rare coup. But not impossible, and all the more likely if you put yourself in the best situation for the magic moment to happen.
If your interest is piqued by the thought of putting yourself in the advantageous position to witness a wild jaguar, then you’re going to need to get off the beaten path and make sure your timing is right.

The Secret Treasures of Northern Peru

Of course you want to see the great icons. We understand. They’re iconic for a reason. Machu Picchu is rightfully entrenched in travelers’ minds as a must-see locale because it’s an incredible place to experience. But it’s far from the only awe-inspiring historic site in Peru, simply the best known.


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