Scouting Costa Rica

Female Surfer Walks into Surf

We are fresh off yet another Southern Explorations scouting mission! This time we are coming off an in-depth exploration of Costa Rica’s most underappreciated and underexplored regions, all with the goal of crafting some new custom trips and itineraries through the rugged and rain-forested country.
The thing is, most tourism activities have only scratched the surface of what’s actually out there in Costa Rica. Particularly when it comes to regions like Nosara and Santa Teresa. You get a genuine sense of adventure just getting into these places. They have a real rustic, bohemian feel. They’re great for Costa Rica eco tours and Nosara has been named one of the 20 best surf cities in the world and is big on yoga, while those in the know believe Santa Teresa’s potential could very well make it the next great Central America destination.
At times the roads were crude and there were potential challenges throughout the trip, and that was all part of the appeal! Our scouting trip was led by Southern Explorations Founder and CEO Justin Laycob and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Borgida. During the Costa Rica deep dive the team was able to discover unspoiled beaches, witness awesome wildlife action, and take part in rich gastronomical experiences. They even got in some incredible surfing during the scouting mission. Whether novice surfer or skilled veteran, the range of clean consistent waves made for great surfing for pretty much anyone.
We are now compiling our collective field notes as a team in order craft some brand-new self-drive, culinary, and beach/national park explorations.
In addition to going deep on Nosara and Santa Teresa, the scouting team rafted the white-water wonder that is the Pacuare River while staying at Pacuare Lodge, an eco-hotel already available on our Luxury Costa Rica and Costa Rica Adventure itineraries, but now with added enhancements, including new villas and a swimming pool.
We’re really impressed by the enhancements at Pacuare Lodge. The 20-suite luxury hotel was already one of our favorite lodges in all of South America and Central America and now, with the changes they’ve made, it has only served to elevate the whole experience further. Its simple, indigenous Cabécar-inspired architecture is unpretentious but still quite sophisticated, a really appropriate fit in the depths of the rainforest. Once you’ve experienced Pacuare Lodge, it will come as no surprise that National Geographic named it as one of their Unique Lodges of the World.
If you’re looking to get a feel for what our newest Costa Rica travel tours will feel like, we recommend checking out our recently introduced Undiscovered Costa Rica itinerary. We’re really excited about the off-the-beaten track elements we’ve put together for that experience and you’ll see it’s a reoccurring theme in the itineraries we’re crafting now.
Don’t want to wait for us to unveil the new Costa Rica itineraries? No problem, you don’t have to! You can simply give Justin a call (1-877-784-5400) to chat about his scouting trip and decide which elements you’d like on your own custom-made Costa Rica trip, and we’ll craft it for you now.