Baleen Whale Watching in Brazil


Travel to Brazil

The beach paradise of Florianopolis is a popular destination on Brazil tours. Vacationers love the surf and the cosmopolitan nightlife. The region also attracts many who wish to watch whales during their travel to Brazil. The small island of Campeche off the coast of Santa Catarina is the site of a former whaling station. Starting in July, southern right whales migrate here, remaining in the area until November. South of Florianopolis, other prime spots are Praia do Rosa at Imbituba and Garopaba. The month-long Right Whale Festival takes place in Imbituba in September. The same Santa Catarina locations welcome migrating humpbacks in July when they pass so close to shore that they can be seen from the beach. September is the prime time for seeing humpback mothers and their calves.

The Emerald Coast lies north of Florianopolis, a locale popular with divers on Brazil tours, where Baia Norte and the off-shore Arvoredo Biological Reserve attract many tucuxi dolphins year-round.

Whales also travel to Bahia. One location is Praia do Forte, north of Salvador, on what is called Brazil’s Coconut Coast. The area attracts more whale watchers to observe humpbacks than any other such destination during travel to Brazil between July and October. Other prime spots to see humpbacks in Bahia include Morro de Sao Paolo, Itacare, Arraia d’Ajuda and Caravelas. At Abrolhos Marine National Park, forty-three miles out to sea, visitors on Brazil tours can enjoy the arrival of some 200 humpback whales in July that stay until October or November to give birth. The vicinity of the park is called the Whale Coast and also attracts some minkes and many dolphins. The village of Caravelas holds an annual Humpback Whale Cultural Week in July.

North of Bahia, east of Natal, is where the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is located, most of which is protected by a national marine park. Here in the Baia dos Golfinhos an abundance of spinner dolphins are the star attraction.

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