Brazil Introduces e-Visas for U.S. Citizens


Brazil first made entry into the country simpler for citizens of Canada, Japan, and Australia, and now U.S. citizens can officially travel to Brazil easier than ever thanks to the introduction of a new e-visa program.
Our goal at Southern Explorations is to always make sure your trip planning experience is as smooth and easy as possible, so it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited about the launch of the new program. It will go a long way towards transforming the Brazil pre-travel experience, taking a huge burden off the shoulders of American travelers.
Now when you’re prepping to experience Rio Carnival 2019 or relax on the beaches of Bahia, you will no longer have to first take a trip all the way to your nearest Brazilian consulate - carting along with you a valid passport, an extra photo, an application, and a copy of your ticket in and out of the country – simply to get your hands on a visa to enter Brazil.  
As of January 25, 2018, U.S. citizens – like Canadian, Australian, and Japanese travelers - can now obtain travel authorization to enter Brazil by completing a simple online application form.
As Conde Nast Traveler notes, the easier application process is part of the Tourism + Brazil Plan, launched by the Ministry of Tourism in April 2017. The program is meant to boost the number of visitors to Brazil and, according to the World Tourism Organization, the change could soon increase international tourism to Brazil by as much as 25 per cent.
The new visas will be electronically issued within 72 hours of receipt of a correctly completed application. Plus, at US$40, it's 75 per cent off the cost of a regular Brazilian visa.