Chilean Winter: The Hunt for Fresh Powder


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The truth is, there’s no secret formula when it comes to creating an unforgettable Southern Explorations itinerary. Which is kind of a shame, because if there was, it would save our team of Latin America experts a lot of time and energy putting in the research, exploration, and groundwork necessary to deliver the quintessential Southern Explorations trip. Luckily, the challenge of curating your ideal Latin America travel experience is what drives us.  
We first unveiled Southern Explorations ski trips last year, and now we’re taking the overall experience up a notch by pairing our favorite downhill options with complementary adventures, lodges, haciendas and more.
The South America ski season generally runs from June to September – even into October in some places – and our contingent of on-the-ground local experts have a fantastic knowledge of where to go when. We’ve worked hard to ready a collection of leading ski resorts, as well as owner-operator, out-of-the-way boutique ski centers to ensure that you get the downhill experience – or experiences -  you’re craving this coming ski season. Whether you’re hoping to hit the slopes for ungroomed terrain, steep runs, pure powder, trails carved by ancient lava flows, cat skiing, heli skiing, or any combination thereof, we’ve got you covered.
ski la parva with a custom tour by southern explorations

South American skiing presents you with so many different opportunities that, before going in deep, it is well worth looking at all the downhill possibilities that await you. Each resort and ski area brings its own individual characteristics, charms, rarities and idiosyncrasies to the mix, which is why we work with you to always design experiences that complement the uniqueness of each.
From South America’s most advanced lift system at Valle Nevado, to the backcountry skiing of Corralco, and the cat-skiing in Arpa, we’ve set out to find intriguing mixes for each downhill adventure option to combine with a selection of the non-skiing and snowboarding experiences each region is celebrated for.
Take for instance the happy coincidence that some of Chile’s leading ski areas are located near the same valleys that happen to produce the destination’s finest wines, ensuring your locally-flavored après-ski experience is just as striking as the breathtaking scenery you’ve been drinking in all day long on the mountain. Or, for a more dramatic combination, we can pair the chilled Andean slopes with an excursion to the famed steaming geysers in the Atacama Desert.
Got another blend of downhill action and gastronomy, culture, heritage or adventure in mind for this ski season? Now’s the time to book. Whether you want to go heavy on the skiing with a touch of luxury, or deep into food, wine, and culture with a bit of heli-skiing to top it all off, our Latin America travel experts are ready and excited to chat about how we can make that happen.

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