Dining at a Francis Mallmann Restaurant

Dining at a Francis Mallmann restaurant

There’s one particular episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table that tends to stick out in everybody’s mind. It features the biggest food star in the Latin world and it speaks to the soul of what it is that people love about travel, about food, about drink, about freedom, about life. It demonstrates a unique and enrapturing appreciation for each. If you’ve watched the show then you’ve already likely surmised that we’re talking about the Francis Mallmann episode.
Esquire magazine has asked if he’s the most interesting chef in the world and the truth is you’d be hard pressed to find a more compelling and romantic character. 
Inspired by Mallmann, we’ll get right to the point. This blog post is here to let you know that if you’re as captivated by the idea of experiencing one of Mallmann’s restaurants as we are, then our team can craft a trip through Uruguay for you that will include an incredible foray into his world at Restaurante Garzon located in Garzón, Uruguay.
Consider pairing that experience with an exploration of the closest thing Mallmann has to a home base these days; Patagonia. Or perhaps travel throughout his birth country of Argentina, indulging in the fire and grill food culture that’s at the core of Mallmann’s plates today.
But in thinking about the Francis Mallmann episode of Chef’s Table there became a recognition of sorts with the spirit of the chef’s approach to cooking in what we hope to provide you.
“I wanted to be my own, I wanted to do whatever I wanted,” says Mallmann, reflecting on his approach to his own life.

That’s what we want for you. It’s why our team takes the time to chat with you to discover what it is that you want out of your South America and Central America travel experience and then craft them accordingly. We want to give you the flexibility you need in creating your itinerary. We’re here to customize according to your appetites. 
“The freedom of believing only in myself and not letting myself be led by anybody,” is how the chef puts it.

Sure, our incredible local guides will provide you peace-of-mind in being there to help deliver the things you want to experience as you explore, but we tailor those details according to your inclinations.
If you’ve yet to see the episode, we highly recommend you check it out. And after you’ve come out inspired to choose your own way, then give us a call and the Southern Explorations team will get to work for you.
As Francis Mallmann said, “My message is get out of your chair, of your sofa, of your office, and go out.”