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Eric at Nahuel Huapi National Park

Have you ever wondered how we craft our trips? Have you ever wanted to see for yourself what goes into mapping out and creating a quintessential Southern Explorations itinerary, complete with the thoughtful and creative touches our team is known for?
If you have, then you’re in luck!
We are now pulling back the curtain and bringing you into our trip creation process as we go in search of options and alternatives to the increasingly crowded ‘W’ and full circuit hikes at Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia.
We’ve been offering the ‘W’ and The Circuit hikes at Torres del Paine for 13 years now and so we absolutely appreciate that these are truly bucket list experiences. However, in recent years, we’ve noted a dramatic increase in tourism in the park. In closely monitoring the affect that the rise in visitors could have on the Southern Explorations guest experience, we identified the need to now offer a truly off-the-beaten path alternative. As such, we’re going on the hunt for other opportunities to explore the region and we’re inviting you to join us.
Beginning Monday, November 26, follow along with our own Sales & Operations Manager Eric Bartanen as he travels deep into the heart of Patagonia to embed himself with the locals. Eric’s goal is to craft alternative trip options and learn of other recommendations that will allow you to still experience the crucial highlights of any ‘W’ and full-circuit hikes through Torres del Paine, but that also go beyond the masses.
“We want our guests to see the absolute highlights of Torres del Paine, as well as the treasures the average traveler has overlooked, so I’ll be on the hunt for those kinds of experiences,” explains Eric.  
The Southern Explorations team is always working to provide the best experience for our travelers while also protecting the fragile regions we visit. We feel that hiking in the mountains should offer at least a little solitude and an alpine environment like Torres del Paine benefits from a little breathing room.
During his trip, Eric will be sitting down and chatting with locals and on-the-ground guides for their personal observations and experiences as they relate to the ideal times to explore Torres del Paine to avoid crowds, as well as hunting for the best ways to navigate the park to combat congestion and carving out ways to increase daily itinerary flexibility.
Be sure to follow along with Eric throughout his exploratory expedition on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and discover just what we put into crafting the ideal Southern Explorations experience.