Giving Back Through Travel

At its best, tourism helps sustain what is unique about a destination. It can make traditional ways of life and livelihoods economically viable, benefitting the people and the environment. We keep this in mind as we plan our itineraries, making sure that where we travel and what we show to international visitors helps support these destinations in one way or another. Our itineraries include demonstrations by artisan cooperatives on how Andean weaving traditions are carried forward. Our passengers stay at eco-lodges owned and operated by Amazonian indigenous tribes. They visit places such as Praia do Forte where Brazil’s successful marine turtle ecotourism project has turned local poachers into protectors. We are members of the following organizations that value sustainability, set high standards for our industry and aid local populations. Through donations of cash and supplies, we and our passengers also support La Pagina en La Puerta (Page in the Door), a children’s literacy program in Cusco, Peru.


Memberships and Financial Contributions

Through memberships and donations, we support the efforts of local, national and international organizations working in South America to preserve ecological stability and to better the lives of the people. A portion of all Galapagos travel fees is donated to the islands' conservation projects and environmental scholarships. We are current members of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association, the International Ecotourism Society, the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute, the American Whitewater Association, Headwaters Institute, Cascadia Wildlands Project, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, International Rivers, La Pagina en la Puerta, KEXP FM, the Washington Wilderness Coalition and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. We continually seek new ways to actively support sustainable tourism.