The Hunt for the Easter Egg

Easter Egg Travel in Argetina with Southern Explorations Easter egg hunts. It's a tradition dating back hundreds of years. The idea of searching for vibrant, colorful treats hidden away from sight has delighted children and adults alike for centuries.

It’s a concept we’re very familiar with at Southern Explorations because it's the idea behind each one of our South America and Central America travel experiences. The destinations we explore are packed with travel Easter eggs. Our team of South America and Central America experts has made it our mission to find them in order to bring you into the know.

We’re talking about underrated destinations, only-locals-know restaurants, hidden away beaches, away-from-the-crowd hiking trails, boutique ski resorts, and – sometimes – really, really big Easter eggs. Literally.

You see, a few years back, Kaitlyn, one of our esteemed Latin America travel specialists, was traveling in Bariloche, Argentina. Trips to further explore the destinations we visit are a big part of the gig for our team and Kaitlyn was traveling Argentina to experience all she could, getting in some spectacular hiking through the pristine forests, taking in the jaw-dropping mountain-views, and kayaking Nahuel Huapi Lake. One day, while exploring the small city, she came upon something she never expected: a four ton, 27-foot tall by 16-feet wide chocolate Easter egg.

According to the locals Kaitlyn spoke to, it took some 27 bakeries two weeks of work to make enough chocolate for the towering Easter egg. They were going for the world record for largest Easter egg. They achieved it.

And Kaitlyn got an unexpected travel tale out of it. While it was certainly never her goal to find a gargantuan chocolate Easter egg at the center of an alpine city in Argentina, it’s something she’ll never forget.

As a special Easter egg to our readers, here are some of our favorite under-explored itineraries carefully packed with plenty of hidden gems for you to find along the way. Who knows, some of them might even have the world’s largest Easter egg waiting for you to discover.

Alternative Inca Trail: The least populated path to Peru's most popular site. This 11-day itinerary gets you into the mix with the indigenous populations who make their home in the Inca heartland. 
Hidden North Argentina: Wine-tastings, explorations of ancient colonial cities, dinosaur bones, canyons, and then beautiful Buenos Aires make up this often overlooked 12-day experience. 
Undiscovered Costa Rica: 10 days of off-the-beaten-path hiking in the cloud forests of San Gerardo de Dota, unparalleled humpback whale watching, and deep exploration of some of Costa Rica's most remote national parks.

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