An Introduction to Sightseeing in Buenos Aires


Of course, you'll want to eat the world's best steak when you travel to Argentina, grass-fed from the pampas, grilled to perfection. Definitely sample the country's most famous varietal wines - the velvety red Malbec, distinct from its French counterpart, and the multi-faceted white Torrontes, a grape grown only in Argentina. Take up the mate habit on your Argentina tours, though once may be enough. Argentina's potent national drink is served in an elegant gourd and sipped through a metal straw.

See Argentina's emblematic dance, the tango. Since tango is ubiquitous in Buenos Aires, street dancers and flashy professional tango shows abound. If time allows, slip into a milonga ballroom where the real people go to tango. The milonga experience may be wedged in during the middle of the night, because somewhere in the capital, they'll still be dancing. Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps, so why should you? There will be plenty of time for that when you return home from your Argentina tours.

See some art. The BA art scene has something for everyone, from museums showcasing traditional Latin American work to edgy temporary installations that challenge the mind. Depending on the size of your musical appetite and wallet, you may wish to take in a performance at the Teatro Colon, considered the world's most beautiful opera house. If you're a rider, you can gallop on the pampas with the gauchos just outside of town. And for sports enthusiasts on Argentina tours, there's no more intense spectator event than joining a packed stadium of Argentines to watch a soccer game.

Like Paris, Buenos Aires is a city for the senses, at once a throbbing metropolis and a civilized haven. To make the most of it, reserve some time on your travel to Argentina to just soak up the atmosphere at one of the Capital's many sidewalk cafes.

Fortunately for those on a tight schedule during their travel to Argentina, Buenos Aires provides extensive bus and subway systems. Cabs are plentiful. Since the city was built where pampas once stretched, it is flat and well-suited to getting around on foot. To simplify logistics, Southern Explorations offers many Argentina tour extensions to enhance your stay in Buenos Aires.

The neighborhoods of most interest to international visitors who travel to Argentina are more or less contiguous, making an efficient itinerary possible on Argentina tours in the capital. In order of north to south, there's hip Palermo, the ritzy Recoleta, the downtown Buenos Aires neighborhoods of bustling Microcenter and posh Retiro, quaint San Telmo, gentrified Puerto Madero and colorful La Boca. With time left over on your Argentina tours, you may want to explore the city's less central neighborhoods or the suburbs of Buenos Aires.