Our Top 5 South American Festivals


Inti Raymi Festival

We know our guests have certain expectations when they travel with us. They expect they’re going to get our South America and Central America expertise, they expect they’re going to get outstanding value, and they expect they’re going to get the best guides. They expect it because we promise to deliver it to them every time.
The same could be said of South America’s festivals. When you hear of Latin America’s cultural festivals you have certain expectations; with one thing being that they go BIG!  
That’s because festivals in South America have rightfully earned the reputation as bustling, pulsing, fervor-filled spectacles of food, drink, music, and more. It was with this in mind that our expert team got together to create a list of our five favorite big time festivals across South America and Central America.

  1. Rio Carnival -  Brazil - There’s no disputing which festival reigns supreme in South America, and quite possibly the world: Rio Carnival! More people travel to Brazil to experience Carnival than any other cultural festivity anywhere in the world. We advise that if you’re hoping to take part in Rio Carnival 2019 you best book soon as trips to Rio Carnival sell out quickly every year.
  1. Festival de las Flores – Colombia –The Flower Festival is the most important social event on the calendar for the city of Medellin. This incredible week of celebrations’ centerpiece is the parade honoring the region’s history, as flower growers carry colossal arrangements of flowers on wooden pallets on their backs through the centre of town, with the most beautiful and extravagant arrangements winning the coveted prizes.
  1. Buenos Aires Tango Festival – Argentina – It takes two to tango but thousands to make the annual Buenos Aires Tango Festival the world-class event it is today. If you are passionate about tango then this two-week festival held annually in August is a must attend event as it brings hordes of the absolute best tango dancers from all over the world for an enthralling stretch of hundreds of tango events across the city.
  1. Inti Raymi – Peru – Searching for a festival with some deep roots? Then you’ll want to check out Peru’s Inti Raymi, an ancient sun festival festivals whose origins date back to the Inca Empire. Celebrated most years on June 24th, the beginning of the Incan New Year, it lasts nine days and includes music, specially woven masks and costumes, and – of course – more delicious food!
  1. Barlioche’s Fiesta de la Nieve – Argentina – From celebrating the sun we next recommend a festival that embraces the snow. Barlioche’s Fiesta de la Nieve brings skiing and riding competitions, live music, unforgettable fireworks displays, and plenty of après-ski dishes and cocktails during this 9-day festival in one of the world’s favorite ski destinations.