New Unique Way to Discover Remote Destinations with Southern Explorations


Southern Explorations is now offering a more intimate way to discover unexplored tropical destinations. We are excited to offer stand up paddleboard tours in some of the most coveted areas in South America - specifically, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands.

As one of the first tour operators to offer land-based tours in the Galapagos Islands, we have discovered a new way to give travelers an up close and personal experience with the local flora and fauna. Stand up paddleboards – often referred to as SUPs – are large sturdy boards similar to a surfboard. They're easily maneuvered with a paddle, easy to learn to navigate, and an accessible sport for most athletic abilities. Most importantly, SUPs give a completely different experience than other forms of transportation. Each paddle boarder has the ability to independently explore the water or shoreline at his or her own pace. Since SUPs are more maneuverable and flatter than a boat, they're easier to slip into mangroves and float over coral. They're also quieter, letting their operators bask in the peace and tranquility of the location and permitting a greater chance of being approached by local wildlife and fish.

Southern Exploration's Amazon SUP tour gives travelers the chance to explore some of the most remote and pristine lagoons near the Cuyabeno Reserve in Ecuador. The trip starts and ends each day with sunrise and sunset trips on the water, with plenty of exploration on and off the water throughout the day. Paddlers are likely to see pink river dolphins and a host of colorful birdlife.

The Galapagos SUP trip gives visitors a unique perspective of these remote islands made famous by Darwin's visit. Stand up paddleboards are an ideal way to explore the hidden coves along the shorelines and nose into caverns at high tide. The SUP tours give visitors access to snorkeling areas that are not reachable by boat or land. Paddlers can enjoy a private swim with rays, sea lions and local tropical fish off some of the most remote parts of the islands.

We will also be expanding SUP tours in other South American tour locations – travelers can now request a SUP option for most of their available trips.

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