Southern Explorations Carbon Offsetting

Responsible practices are central to Southern Explorations’ approach to adventure travel. As such, it's impossible to ignore the threat of climate change and tourism's role in greenhouse gas emissions.

In partnership with Sustainable Travel International – a non-profit conservation and development organization with over 10 years of experience in carbon offsetting – Southern Explorations is providing travelers the option to offset the carbon footprint for their upcoming adventure.

Proceeds from Southern Explorations’ carbon offsetting initiative will support rotating projects throughout Latin America. To learn more or offset your next adventure, give us a call (1.877.784.5400) to chat today.

Current Project: Asorpar Reforestation Project in Colombia

Offset Program/Registry: Verified Carbon Standard / Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standard
Estimated Annual Emission Reductions: 58,000 metric tons CO2e
The Asorpar Reforestation Project in Colombia is a community-based emission reduction project that focuses on the restoration of degraded areas and reforestation in the Orinoquia and Andean regions of the country.  
In areas that have been devastated by years of open cast alluvial gold mining, illegal coca plantations, and destructive livestock farming practices, this innovative forestry project supports permanent reforestation of native species and seeks to promote the sustainable management of forest resources.
The project focuses on the re-establishment of a rich forest ecosystem through a mixed native species approach. Twenty native tree species have already been planted in the 3,128-acre pilot area, leading to the return of another 117 secondary plant species and a multitude of animals. The project also created habitat for endangered animals such as the mountain tapir, oncilla tiger cat, spectacled bear, and the critically endangered grey-bellied night monkey.
Local communities have also benefited from the socio-economic impacts of this project. About 150 jobs have been created to establish vital alternative livelihoods in land preparation, land planning, seedling propagation, planting and maintenance, forest protection and utilization and ecotourism in regions that have long depended on illegal and destructive activities. By introducing new, ecologically sensitive methods for battling mosquitos, the project will also work to reduce the commonly used practice of poisoning breeding ponds with oil – a practice that negatively affects community health and the local environment. 

About Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of people around the world and the environments they rely upon. By leveraging the power of travel and tourism and providing business and government leaders with the guidance, policies and solutions they need, we aim to ensure that the communities they’re engaged in thrive and their environments are healthy for future generations. For more information, visit or call +1-917- 677- 5731.