Southern Explorations Celebrates World Tourism Day 2017


On September 27, we celebrate World Tourism Day. It’s an event we mark annually to recognize and encourage the potential that travel and tourism have to make the world a better place.
In 2017, a year the United Nations has delegated as the International Year for Sustainable Development for Tourism, World Tourism Day takes on even more relevance as the travel and tourism world is making resolute efforts to ensure the way we experience our planet is sustainable and responsible, allowing the coming generations of travellers and adventurers to also experience everything we currently enjoy in the same way we do now, if not better!
As a company that has made sustainability a central pillar of our operations, it’s heartening to see the travel world coming together to make significant strides towards making travel a force for good in the world.
We’ve long provided support to leading conservation organizations such as the non-profit Galapagos Conservancy, which is dedicated to advancing and supporting the conservation of the unique biodiversity and ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands, as well as the Adventure Travel Trade Association, a global network that works to support sustainable adventure travel markets worldwide, and the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, which is a member organization that advocates and promotes the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.
To celebrate Earth Month this past April, we once again reaffirmed our commitment to sustainability, pledging to Sustainable Travel International’s 10 Million Better campaign. You’ve likely seen the banners in our newsletters each month promoting the pledge. The goal is to bring together like-minded travel and tourism leaders, destinations, and companies determined to contribute to the greater good and the long-term well-being of people and places most impacted by travel.

Sustainable Travel International is committed to working with governments, companies, NGOs, and communities to support and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This September 27 represents an important day in the travel community coming together to achieve those goals.
In the lead-up to World Tourism Day 2017, we wanted to take a moment to thank you, our Southern Explorations community. Your support, encouragement, and desire to experience Latin America in a responsible and sustainable way has helped energize and inspire our team of Latin America travel experts to always continue working to ensure we’re developing new best practices and learning from the great sustainability leaders we encounter on our travels.
We are able to commit to making this world a better place through travel because we know our guests are committed to making this world a better place as they travel.
Thank you!