Top 3 Galapagos Island Lodges

Frigate bird

The Galapagos Islands are an in-demand travel destination. With gorgeous scenery, unbelievable wildlife, and various outdoor adventure activities, these incredible islands are worth exploring! There are many ways to visit the Galapagos Islands, so it is easy to customize your trip to suit your needs. Not sure where to start? We recommend a lesser-known option: a Galapagos lodge-based trip!
The Galapagos Islands are known primarily as a cruising destination. Cruising through the Galapagos affords you the opportunity to sample many islands in a short time. The downside to Galapagos cruises is that you don’t get to explore any one island as deeply as you would if you stayed there. Staying at a local lodge allows you to put down roots and cultivates a truly immersive experience. At the end of your trip, you’ll leave feeling as if you’ve genuinely gotten to know your island home. You’ll build ties to the community and make lasting memories.
From your island home away from home, you will enjoy daily excursions to the Santa Cruz highlands, its rugged coastline, and uninhabited neighboring islands. We recommend three luxury lodge experiences for your next Galapagos stay.
View from Montemar Eco Luxury Villa
  1. Montemar Eco Luxury Villas
Montemar Eco Luxury Villas take pride in being the Galapagos Islands’ first luxury, sustainable villas. These stunning villas are located in the natural habitat of the most iconic residents- Galapagos Giant Tortoises! Montemar’s 43-acre property is home to two beautifully appointed villas. Villa Lechuza has room for four guests, while Villa Tortuga has room for eight. Both villas come with a private chef and housekeeping staff. They also both feature unbelievable views of the island and the Galapagos Tortoises! Montemar is owned and operated by a local family, so you know that your experience will be authentic and personal.
Safari Camp Villa
  1. Galapagos Safari Camp
Galapagos Safari Camp is one of the most unique ways to experience the Galapagos. Taking inspiration from African safaris, this eco-luxury tented camp exemplifies down-to-earth luxury, staying comfortably and lavishly while still experiencing nature in a pure, simple form. This family-run property is enchanting. Nine individual tents offer spacious floorplans with en suite bathrooms, a balcony, hammocks, heaters, and outdoor seating to take in breathtaking views of surrounding islands and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll find panoramic views, fantastic food, and a cozy lounge and bar in the central lodge. There’s even an infinity pool on the property.
Pikaia Lodge from afar
  1. Pikaia Lodge
For some of the best views in the Galapagos, book a stay at Pikaia Lodge! Nestled 1500 feet above sea level, this luxury eco-lodge has outstanding ocean views in three directions. There is volcanic landscape and Pacific Ocean all around! The lodge’s 12 rooms and 2 suites take full advantage of the location, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and private, shaded terraces or balconies. As you enjoy the property, you’ll find comfort, style, and sustainability embedded in every feature. Spend your days swimming in the infinity pool, sipping cocktails on the deck, relaxing at the spa, or enjoying local cuisine. Want to see the landscape up close and personal? The property has 3.5 kilometers of private trails for you to explore. There are endless experiences to enjoy here!
We love that these lodges take sustainability seriously. They make extraordinary efforts to protect the fragile ecosystems of the Galapagos, working diligently to support local preservation efforts and promote green living. Conservation takes center stage. We also love that these lodges are located on Santa Cruz Island-the largest inhabited island-which allows you to enjoy the amenities of a tourism hub while still providing unparalleled access to the area’s natural landscape.
Lodges are a fantastic way to explore the Galapagos. If you want a truly immersive experience, consider a Galapagos Islands lodge!

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