Top Adventures in Chile

Rafting on the Futaleufu River

Top Adventures in Chile

Chile has been awarded the Top Adventure Travel destination for three years running by the World Travel Awards, making it a 'must see' destination for all active travelers. Whether you’re looking for a new place to mountain bike, hike, river raft, kayak, ski, horseback ride or climb, Chile has something to offer for all levels of fitness in unique landscapes. Here are ten of the top Chile adventures we recommend. For best results, head down between October and April for the best summer weather, and for the powder hounds you’ll find the best skiing and snowboarding July through August. We’ve also included recommendations for some of our favorite trips that make the most of each specific activity in South America's adventure travel capital.


Chile’s geography is so varied because it spans such a long distance along South America’s western coast – the climate goes from high desert in the north to Mediterranean heat in the middle to glaciers, fjords and lakes in Patagonia on its southern end. Thanks to its geographical diversity, Chile boasts a range of hikes over towering mountains, through forests, along rivers and into the desert. You can pick a trek that highlights what you’re most interested in seeing: wildlife, landscape, birds, sweeping mountain ranges, etc.
Recommended Trip: Choose the “W” Hike for one of the most famous hikes through Patagonia.

River Rafting

The Lake District in Southern Chile is home to some of the most spectacular river rafting in the world. Whether you’re in to big water or a calmer water-based sight-seeing trip, there’s an option for everyone. The Futaleufu River in particular is world-renowned for its class III, IV and V rapids in a spectacularly beautiful setting, but there are several other options to choose from, too. Check out Rio Azul or Rio Manso for other options.
Recommended Trip: Futaleufu MultiSport


With more than 5,000 cycle routes and 560,000+ mapped trails, Chile is a biker’s delight. Cycle through deserts, amidst volcanoes, or into wine regions. Meander through cities and towns, bike cross country or get off road and discover the breathtaking beauty of Chile’s lesser-known landscapes on two wheels.
Recommended Trip: San Pedro de Atacama, or add a tour through Santiago’s numerous parks and greenspaces by bike: Biking Santiago’s Parks.


One of South America’s premiere surf destinations, Chile is a renowned destination for surfistas. Surf the big waves then explore the wetlands near Pichilemu, check out the dunes and beach near Concón or explore the Morro Arica hill and the waves near Arica. You can also watch the kitesurfing – or join in! – in Matanzas.

Recommended Trip: Ask for a surfing extension at Hotel Alaia in Punta de Lobos on the Valparaiso and Casablanca 2-Day Trip.


Chile is a great destination for kayakers, sea and whitewater, looking for some adventure in the midst of stunning beauty. With rapids ranging from class II to class V, there are a number of options available for white water paddlers. Alternatively, you can steer yourself across pristine glacier-fed lakes for serene, up-close-and-personal tours of Chile’s Lake District and Torres del Paine.
Recommended Trip: Patagonia Lakes District & Iguazu Falls for kayaking on tranquil lakes; Futaleufu MultiSport for more exciting white water kayaking on Rio Azul.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Chile is gaining popularity, with a lot of climbing options within an hour of Santiago and many spectacular routes further south in Patagonia. The world-renowned Torres del Paine National Park is a breathtaking location for climbing, with towering mountains and killer views.
Recommended Trip: Stay at Hotel Las Torres on the Torres del Paine Lodge-Based Excursion to take advantage of their rocking climbing options suitable for all skill levels nearby.


If you miss ski season during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months, extend your season indefinitely with a ski trip to Chile. Valle Nevado, South America’s largest ski resort, and Portillo, its oldest, are both within two hours of Santiago. Stretch your skills with some volcano skiing or try out some snowcat skiing in the Andes. Tour Patagonia on skis, or spend some time at an eco ski resort.  Check out the champagne powder in Tres Valles or the extended ski season on the Lonquimay Volcano near Corralco.
Recommended Trip: Valle Nevado & Corralco or Valle Nevado & Nevados de Chillan Ski Adventure
Horseback riding along the shores of the Futaleufu River

Horseback Riding

To understand Chile is to understand the role of the huaso and gaucho, skilled Chilean cowboys, as integral to the early development of Chile. The northern huasos moved their cattle and the southern guachos moved their sheep through vast expanses of desert and pamapas to find the best and safest areas to graze. There's nothing quite like exploring the country-side by horse; you'll visit pristine wilderness difficult to access by foot and also transport yourself back to those early, rugged frontier days. 

Recommended Trip: The Explora Lodge in Torres del Paine National Park offers some of the best horses and most skilled guides: Torres del Paine Lodge-Based Excursion

Fly Fishing

Every fly fisher has Patagonia on their bucket list, or at least they should. Few places offer such peaceful, uncrowded stretches of pristine river as Chile. Pair a day or two of trout fishing after hiking in Torres del Paine National Park or after river rafting on the Futaleufu River for a complete wilderness experience. 

Recommended Trip: We can offer fly fishing on both the Futaleufu MultiSport or at Patagonia Camp on the Torres del Paine Lodge-Based Excursion

Wine Tasting

Not all adventures require extra equipment and sweat. Chile’s wine country is world-renowned, with its own unique terroir informing its many wines and a centuries-old tradition, brought to the area by Spanish missionaries in the mid 1500s. The country’s rich soil and varied terrain makes for great tasting wines and spectacular tours of where they’re grown. Explore Santiago’s wine culture, then head outside the city to taste your way through Casablanca Valley. Check out the Maipo Valley – Chile’s oldest wine region -- and Cachapoal Valley, an up-and-coming wine region. You can also explore the Colchagua Valley, the largest wine region in Chile, with something for every palate.
Recommended Trip: Chile & Argentina Wine Adventure