Under the Radar

If you’ve traveled with us before, you know that one of the defining elements of our trips is taking our guests off the beaten path, no matter the destination you’re exploring. With that in mind we want to take you even further off the well-trodden trail as our team of South America and Central America travel experts give you the heads up on some of our most underrated trip itineraries.
Ecuador Hiking Adventure - Savvy travelers know all about what the Galapagos Islands have to offer - from Galapagos sailing tours to wildlife viewing experiences - but mainland Ecuador is often skipped over, meaning travelers are missing some truly remarkable hiking through multiple national parks and nature reserves, all brimming with some of the rarest species of wildlife in all of Ecuador.
Ecuador Tours

Anakonda River CruiseSpeaking of Ecuador, if you’re looking for an Amazon rainforest travel experience, you can avoid getting caught up in the scores touring Peru and Brazil’s piece of the rainforest by literally getting off the path as you are welcomed aboard this luxury river cruise exploring one of the planet’s most remote and biodiverse regions.
Active Machu PicchuThere’s simply no denying Machu Picchu is a must-see and we would never dream of dissuading you from experiencing the legendary ancient Incan site. However, our Active Machu Picchu itinerary also offers the best outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and via ferrata in the Sacred Valley before you experience Peru’s pièce de résistance.
Machu Picchu Tours Sacred Valley

Cordillera Blanca HikeSpeaking of Peru, everyone on our Southern Explorations’ team agrees: Huascaran National Park is the most overlooked and underappreciated region in the entire country. The mountains here are BIG and the hiking just can’t be beat. Because it’s far from Machu Picchu, it gets passed over, but that simply means you’ll have this extraordinary outdoor place to yourself.
Machu Picchu Tours to Cordillera Blanca

Chile Triangle - We love Patagonia – it’s impossible not to - but Chile offers a whole lot more than simply Torres del Paine National Park. At over 2,600 miles long, Chile is home to an impressive array of unforgettable experiences from the breathtaking Atacama Desert, to storied Easter Island, the Enchanted and Ascencio valleys, and myriad archaeological sites.
Patagonia Lakes & Glaciers - Patagonia is a massive, loosely defined area. The southern national parks generally get all of the attention on most trips to Patagonia because of their dramatic granite peaks rising from the rolling pampas, but you haven’t seen all of Patagonia until you’ve also seen the green hills and high Andean peaks of the Lakes District. On our Patagonia Lakes & Glaciers tour we make sure you see it all.
Patagonia Trips Lakes District