Uruguay Now


Safe, clean and scenically set on the Atlantic coast, Montevideo is a pleasure for all who travel to Uruguay. In addition to its mild climate, the capital offers a mix of colonial elegance and striking art deco buildings, sophisticated cuisine and much to see. Unlike most capital cities that most visitors on South America tours encounter, Montevideo is on a human scale with a modest population of just 1.4 million.

Tango is as firmly rooted in the Uruguayan culture as in Argentina since it was the same immigrant populations that settled here as across the river in Buenos Aires. Likewise the religious beliefs of the country’s African populations and traditions established during slavery resemble those of neighboring Brazil, making Uruguay a memorable place to celebrate Carnaval.

Uruguay’s beaches are legendary. The international tourists who travel to Uruguay are mostly South Americans who come to the coast for the year-round surfing, glitzy beach resorts and laid-back bohemian vibe. You’d think more eco-tourists would have discovered Uruguay by now. Though not endowed with the same diversity of land species as larger countries, nature lovers on Uruguay tours need only look up or out to see many reasons to travel here. Over four hundred bird species have been identified in Uruguay, and southern right whales swim so close to shore from July to October that one may get a good look right from the beach.

The foodie media raves about Uruguayan cuisine. The steaks from the Uruguay pampas are just as heavenly as those enjoyed on Argentina tours. It goes without saying that the heavy influence of the country’s European immigrants makes Uruguayan cuisine something to write home about.

Uruguay’s interior is gaucho country, 54,000 square miles of undulating grasslands where some of the historic estancias accommodate overnight visitors on Uruguay tours. Horseback riding enthusiasts who travel to Uruguay may ride the pampas and participate in cattle round-ups astride the Uruguayan breed, the criollo. And don’t forget the Uruguay winery tours. The wine region is located between the coast and the interior.

It doesn’t hurt to have good neighbors. The city called the Paris of South America is right next door, making it easy to combine travel to Uruguay and Buenos Aires tours in one trip. The same can be said of Brazil to the east. Florianopolis along Brazil’s southern coast is a popular international destination of great natural beauty where the country’s best surfing can be found and is just 675 miles from Montevideo.

Southern Explorations is pleased to have expanded its trip offerings in Uruguay for the convenience of passengers already planning travel to Argentina Patagonia or Brazil and for those who wish to spend a whole vacation on Uruguay tours. Whether you wish to make a day trip of it from Buenos Aires across the River de la Plata to the colonial jewel box of a city, Colonia, or enjoy your entire vacation here, you’ll find much to choose from in the variety of our Uruguay tours.