What Makes a Southern Explorations Luxury Experience?


The word luxury can be worrying to some or maybe even off-putting to others, but as we like to tell our travelers, truly remarkable high-end travel experiences don’t have to come presented with white gloves and fine crystal in stuffy settings.
It was with that in mind that we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the things that differentiate our “luxury trips” from some of the other trips we offer.
Let’s take our Classic Patagonia trip as compared to our Luxury Patagonia Tour as an example.
First, it’s important to point out how much these trips have in common. It would be fair to call the Luxury Patagonia trip the top-shelf version of the Classic Patagonia trip. They are cut from the same cloth, so to speak, with the luxury offering simply having the higher-thread count.
The central differentiator between these two are the accommodations. You’ll be getting the best guides no matter your price point. You’re getting our dedicated service no matter your price point. You’re experiencing the ultimate at every site and attraction no matter your price point. The hotels and lodges are where you’ll find the variations.
For example, the Luxury Patagonia trip features a stay at the quintessential five-star luxury lodge; Explora Lodge, rated as one of the best resorts in all of South America and a 2018 Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Award Winner.  In addition, Luxury Patagonia also includes an additional day in Torres Del Paine.
The same is true of our Experience Machu Picchu trip as compared to our Luxury Peru trip.
Looking closely at these two itineraries you’ll notice that they are in a slightly different order and provide distinctive accommodation offerings. And again you’ll find the luxury trip includes a higher level of stay, such as the five-star Machu Picchu Pueblo at Aguas Calientes and the five-star Hacienda Urubamba in the Sacred Valley.
The difference between our classic and luxury cruises are much the same. The experiences themselves all come with everything you expect from a Southern Explorations adventure at any level. The distinctions are in the vessels.
Our expert team came together to assemble this list of the things you’ll find when you select a luxury yacht experience:
  • Most luxury yachts are brand new. If it is an older yacht it will have been remodeled and renovated
  • The new yachts are typically mega yachts – so they accommodate the normal 16-20 passengers, but the square footage is much larger. This means bigger cabins with large windows, larger public spaces, and plenty of space on the sundeck with ample seating options
  • More cabin offerings: it varies from yacht to yacht, but you can find cabins with private balconies and options to upgrade your cabin to an even larger suite
  • In addition to the captain and naturalist guide, there is a cruise director for added service
  • Upgraded bathroom amenities (for example, they often have L’Occitane toiletries)
  • Premium linens, modern décor, well-appointed bathrooms and plenty of in cabin storage
  • Gourmet dining
We promise you ultimate peace-of-mind and incredible value no matter which level you’re most comfortable traveling at, you just have to let us know what kind of accoutrements fit your travel style best and we’ll do the rest.