Why Would You Vote For Us?


Why would you vote for us?

Thanks to folks like you, yet again this year Southern Explorations has been nominated in the Travel + Leisure 2020 World's Best Awards! Thank you!

Admittedly, voting for us in the Travel + Leisure 2020 World’s Best Awards takes a few clicks, but the good people at Travel + Leisure have incentivized you to do exactly that. Register to vote with Travel + Leisure and you’ll be entered into their giveaway for a chance to win one of five really great international travel prizes:

•    An all-inclusive, 7-night Mediterranean cruise that stops in Greece, Croatia, and Italy
•    A 10-night luxury stay at award-winning hotels in India
•    Two business-class tickets on the record-holding world's longest flight from Newark to Singapore
•    An 8-day European cruise in a balcony room for two
•    A world cruise, including round-trip business-class flights and stops in Sydney, Bangkok, and Barcelona

Not bad, right? Sure, they aren’t Southern Explorations trips, but certainly worth a couple minutes for a chance to win one.
(And if you’re still really wanting to win a free trip from Southern Explorations, well then just click here for your chance to do that. )

Those folks who have traveled with us know that we like to uncomplicate the intricate, so to help make voting for us in the Travel +Leisure 2020 World’s Best Awards, we broke it down into five simple steps to make it easy for you to vote for us by Monday, March 2!

1. Follow the prompts to register to vote
2. Under 'Which regions did you travel to' click Mexico/Central America/South America
3. Select the country you visited
5. Scroll down (or click on ‘S’ at the top) to ‘SOUTHERN EXPLORATIONS’ and rate us!

Click here to vote for Southern Explorations today!