Explora Lodge Patagonia National Park

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5 Star
Located in the Aysen region of Chile, Patagonia National Park is a diverse and dazzling natural wonderland that offers endless excitement. The park was established in 2018. It encompasses five different protected reserves, incorporating grassland, riparian forest, and wetland. The most famous feature is Chacabuco Valley- a stunning Patagonian Steppe that is sure to take your breath away. Visitors will love exploring the picturesque landscape and spotting the unique wildlife that calls the park home. Here, you can see grasslands inhabitants, including mara, armadillos, gray foxes, and guanaco; as well as Andean critters like huemul deer, red foxes, cougars, and a wide variety of birds. Everywhere you look in Patagonia National Park, you’ll find unfathomable beauty, rich culture, and tangible history. It is an unmissable region with lots to offer to visitors from around the world.

8 Standard rooms (101 sqft)
5 Suites (147 sqft)
Views of Tamango and Tamanguito hills
Interconnecting rooms possible

Spa (2 massage rooms, 3 hot tubs)
Trekking poles available
Biking and Kayaking gear available
Over 25 excursions available
Patagonia National Park Museum