The Luxury Seasons: The Best Time To Travel to Get the Most From Your Trip

Man hiking in Patagonia

As you probably already know, we define luxury a little differently around here.
If you’re looking for a truly remarkable high-end experience, our team can certainly help to craft a trip that delivers top-shelf adventures and accommodations at every opportunity. And we can also recommend travel strategies that take your adventure to the next level and let you luxuriate in a destination like never before.
One secret to getting even more value you out of your trip experience? Travel in the so-called “shoulder seasons.” We prefer to think of them as the luxury seasons.
Why? Well for one thing, what’s more luxurious in our world today then calm, quiet, and peace-of-mind?
Want to feel like you have the entire destination to yourself? Our South America and Central America travel specialists will identify those key points in the travel season when the exploring is still comfortable and the experiences are at their peak, except without the big crowds.
When the regular tourists are away the hotel or lodge staff have even more capacity to make sure your stay is perfect. Without the curious eyes of tourists everywhere, your guide can find more opportunities to sneak you into the secret spots. Not to mention when the crowds clear the community comes out in full, giving you a more genuine impression of local life and flavor.
Then of course there’s the fact that the shoulder season is often simply the better value proposition.
Now it is important to note that not all shoulder seasons are created equal. Some provide more upside and advantages than others. That’s why we invite you to give our team a call and then your personal travel specialist will be able to identify the prime times to visit a given destination during the luxury season.
The same can be said for the different activities we offer, as many have a precise time of year in which you can gain incredible value, so we will chat about your ideal South American adventure activities and then craft your next level experience fine-tuned for the appropriate shoulder season.
Having your pick of room, cabin, table, time, or expedition? That’s luxury. Peaking behind the local curtain in ways most tourists never see? That’s luxury. Exploring the sites, trails, rivers, mountains, islands, vineyards, jungles, glaciers, lakes, and wildlife at the times the guides tell you is actually the prime time? That’s luxury.
And so is adding even more of the finer things in life to your Southern Explorations experience. Give us a call at at 1-877-784-5400 today and we'll arrange it all for you in time for the next luxury season.